Monday, October 29, 2007


A few days ago, my husband asked me the age-old question: If Tim Gunn and Clinton Kelly were drowning in the ocean and you could only save one, who would you save?

This question paralyzed me. And looking at their faces right now kills me. I look at Tim and I want to pick him. So kind yet so honest, so poised yet not at all stuffy. The man gets teary-eyed when he sees his make-over subjects transformed into confident, self-loving people. He is the definition of graciousness. How can I not pick him? But then I look at Clinton and I want to pick Clinton. He has one of the sharpest wits on tv (his website is even funny) but is never malicious toward the insane people who come on his show. I love his signature argyle sweaters, plus he puts up with Stacy London. Not only puts up with her, but brings out the best in her and even makes her likable.

Choose? I would rather fling myself into the ocean and drown with them.

Who would you save?

9 comments: said...

Tim! There are a million Clintons in this world... snappy-looking clever men trying to stay young and gay-gym-fit.

Tim is a dying breed... that silver hair, the effete delivery of his commentary. I love that man. He's the king of friend who would have visited Ms. Vreeland on her deathbed and read all her favorite books to her.

SGM said...

Sweet Jeebus, Decorno! Effete? I had to LOOK IT UP! As long as you have a blog, even if it's entirely about removing shoes when you go to someone's house, I will keep reading.

Am I the only one who has such affection for Clinton? said...

No, I like Clinton, too. It's just that you made me CHOOSE, woman. And I choose Tim.

Clinton is kinda hot. Kinda bummed he's on the other team.

Pink Wallpaper said...

how about tim's assistant on that new show....she is awful and stuffy!

SGM said...

Don't even get me started on Veronica Webb. So stiff and unsmiling. But you know Tim is too polite to fire her.

Cote de Texas said...

OOOooooh - remember that horrible guy that was on wntw before Clinton? Omg, he was so awful! no constructive criticisms, just mean and arrogant. God, I hated that man. btw - Decorno- Clinton's web site IS funny!


Richie Designs said...

If I must pick...I gotta go with Tim. He's got more clout in the industry and who can go wrong with someone as classic as him.

You just know even cotton balls have been organized to the nines in his house-which I just love.

poor Verionica - what up with her 80's assemetrical haircut? though it has grown out a bit.

faithsalutes said...

Tim, hands down.

faithsalutes said...

his assistant is a wench face.