Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am so not his target audience

Okay, stick with me on this one.

I live in Denver and for the most part, it is a very homogeneous town. Very white bread, vanilla ice cream, lots of upper and middle class white people running around exercising and talking about skiing.* The radio stations here are the same way; it's all Nickelback, The Fray, Rob Thomas over and over and over. As a result, I had heard of Kanye West but had never listened to his music, just thought he was an a-hole with a big ego and an even bigger yap and a misguided sense of fashion. Example:

But then last week I happened upon this new radio station and I heard Gold Digger. Kanye? Are you out there, honey? I love you. This song is glorious. For real. It is lewd and degrading in many ways, but it makes me so happy for some reason.

I understand that this song came out forever ago and that I am way behind the times, but I urge you now to shut the door to your office, listen to (more than watch) the video below and shake your moneymaker. I think you will feel compelled to do so. **

*which is not to say that I don't like it, because I do. What it lacks in cutting edge culture, it makes up for by being beautiful. Have you ever been to a concert a Red Rocks? Nothing better, I tell you.

**Note to self: idea for future post--deconstructing the lyrics of Kanye West. Just kidding! But not really.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Kanye is one of our hometown heros--well there are so many rappers from Atlanta. Agreed. "Golddigger" is great.

SGM said...

Thanks Brilliant A. Rock on (or rap on?) Atlanta!

decorno.blogspot.com said...

SGM - you're killing me. You need to go buy all 3 Kanye albums now (ok, maybe just #1 and #3, as #2 was imperfect).

He's brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

SGM said...

Decorno, I'm afraid to listen to any more Kanye for fear it will not live up to Gold Digger. With your recommendation, I will brave it. Off to itunes.