Monday, August 4, 2008

And some of you think Flipping Out is fake?

And that Jeff is "acting"?

Judging from this clip, he's either a terrible actor or a fantastic actor pretending to be a terrible actor. The 140 part was my favorite, of course. Does anyone else think that Zoila is kind of being used and abused by Jeff? That part looked like a mean ol' Howard Stern-type stunt to me.

I arrived home from vacation (you didn't even know I was gone, did you?) only to find that Jeff has been making the rounds on the talk shows; thanks to those of you who commented and emailed me. If it is true that he's been talking shit about Chris K, THE GLOVES WILL COME OFF. Do you hear me, Jeff? GLOVES. OFF.

p.s. I kind of like Flipping Out with a laugh track.


this one said...

i saw this on tv. it was more awkward that watching Jeff flip out on someone.

he is a terrible actor. this was so awkward to watch!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask if you have seen Jenni on the Apollo? It is actually pretty funny and the camera pans by who I believe to be Chris Elwood.

zakary said...

I saw this over the weekend and thought of you!

"It's 143...keep blowing..."

Cricket said...

I can't believe it ends tomorrow. Suck it.
Any word on Season 3?
Any thoughts on how I could get a job with the Jeff Lewis Office? (kidding! but kind of not...)
Go SGM!!

Brittany said...

O totally saw this and thought of you!

I love Jenni even more now!

The Lil Bee said...

Here's the bestest part of all of this.

You know that one of his 4,000 lacky assistants is assigned to google-stalking him on the web, and has most certainly stumbled upon your commentary. And I am LOVING every minute of that!

Think about it. The man installed a nanny cam. He's ALL up in your biz!

Anonymous said...

You know what it is about his lips? It's that they are the same color as his face. So it looks like he's wearing that pale pink lipstick you'd see on stewardesses, ca. 1966.

Jen said...

Uhm, Jeff Lewis AND Joel McHale? I think I've died and gone to TV heaven. I want both of them as my husbands and I'd totally break that pesky "no polygamy" law to do it.

Jessie said...


He's in my free pass five... number one, to be exact.

I saw this and thought of you, too, SGM. Have you seen Jeff on Chelsea lately yet? Pretty funny stuff. She totally confronts him about having work done.

Do you watch her show, by the way? That clip is the only part of it I've seen and I was thinking I might need to start watching...

Jessie said...

P.S. The Soup + Flipping Out = My two favorite shows on TV right now.