Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Best Exchange

Shazia (to Preston): ....why don't you go do that because it's not so labor intensive. I thought that was the most disgusting thing you could have said to me!

Jeff: Shaz. Did you call him an a-hole?

Shazia: Yes.

Jeff (gentle voice): Isn't that the most disgusting thing you could say to somebody?

SGM (fanning herself): OMIGOD.

Look at that smirk! Did anyone else sense a love triangle blossoming among Jeff, Jonathan Adler and Preston? What about Eddie's gorgeous floral arrangement? It's almost like the judges were saying "Eddie, we can't have you win every time, so we're going to make up some bullshit excuse and give this one to Nathan."

I was happy to see Shaz go, but not because of the a-hole comment. What do you think?


rachie! said...

One of the thing that irritates me about all Bravo competitions is that they aren't honest about the way people are scored. Honestly, I'm glad that people aren't judged based on each competition (it is more of a compilation of past behavior) BUT the show always makes it seem like it is a clean slate for every episode. I sort of wish their scores would be shown and they'd have a running score - and the person with the lowerst score would go bye-bye. It would make the shows more interesting to me, and would better explain why some people go when they do. It was totally Shaz's time to go 3 weeks ago, but really, last night was not a reason for her to go (she wasn't the weakest person, she really did try to do some design and wasn't able to get a voice in, I think that is partially her fault, but anyway) - but the judges aren't going to get rid of someone who's been strong the whole time and made one mistake.

Vignette said...
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Brilliant Asylum said...

Is it just me, or was Jeff even sexier in that power position?

Agreed--Eddie not winning the floral design challenge was a crock. As Jeff reminded us, it's called TOP design. Why they chose the second best (or perhaps the third) remains a mystery to me

Alicia B Blogs said...

My absolute favorite part was when that scary Margaret Russell came over to Preston's flower arrangement and judged him for using fake flower petals. "I knew...when I walked in the room...that they were fake." All slow, mean, and cutting. I was seriously scared but WHY ON EARTH were there fake flowers there to begin with? hmm

Mint Julep said...

Shaz pretty much sucked.

Jen said...

Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff!

I was so excited to see him on Top Design last night, but I wish there were more of him. It's like they should make a whole show revolving around him or something.

Anyway, Shaz should have gone home because she hadn't actually done anything well the entire season, but I agree with another commenter that this episode for her wasn't particularly egregious.

Also, I know we don't talk about Project Runway here on SGM, but KENLEY SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME. Whew. Ok, I needed to get that out.

Anonymous said...

Eddie's arrangement was spectacular! His remarks about being a PROfessional at MS Living were bitchy but the store owner's comments were worse. Eddies my guy but Ms.(shhh)Schroeder is coming on. Ginny

this one said...

i never liked her. ever since she let the sinks overflow.

i am happy that she is outta there.

i did like her comment in the begining of the show "what seperates me from everyone else? I am brown!"

too funny. but thats all you get from me shaz.

maison21 said...

i think i would pee my pants if margaret russell where to EVER judge anything i did. she is one tough cookie- LOVE HER!

eddie is the one to win- you can't be a creative director at martha's without being very talented AND ambitious. shaz should have already been cut- completely uninspired work so far. ken doll- i mean preston- is next. fake flowers is just too big of a sin in the design world- margaret will remember this, and will be gunning for him.

we hope you will be doing a top design recap every week, sgm- even if jeff isn't a guest judge.

Leah said...
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Leah said...

I actually noticed Jeff's rug for the first time last night. (Perhaps it was the angle he was shot from?)

But anyway, I say: Boot ice queen Margaret and let Jeff be the mean judge who everyone's scared of and who tosses off the most evil, hilariously cutting critiques week after week. I would be ALL over that.

SGM said...

Yeah, Margaret is totally frightening! I also wonder what the fake flowers were doing there in the first place? Maybe that was part of the test, kind of a trick question.

KENLEY DEF SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME LAST NIGHT. When she snapped at Tim (multiple times), I wanted to pop her one.

I agree that there should be some sort of cumulative scoring system. Big Daddy would have never gone home before Shaz (such a travesty!) is such a system were in place. But Bravo would never do that, because that would make the competition actually based on talent instead of personality.

Paloma said...

Eddie totally should have won the floral challenge. His arrangement was superior to everyone else's. I'm glad annoying Shazia is gone now.

Jeff was looking damn sexy. They should make his show like the evening news or a syndicated sitcom so that we can watch him year-round. He cracks me up!

I call Preston Little Ricky because he looks like a mini Ricky Martin.

zakary said...

Personally, I think Sperm Breath is the most disgusting thing you could say to somebody, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zakary, it's just you.

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, this post is so funny. i have to say, i found jeff seemed sooo patronizing and irritating. did you guys feel that at all?


Anonymous said...

SGM - Get your head out of the effin toliet and update us all on your whoreish weekend with Decorno, Richie and Elaine. Did you get some pussy? We are all dying to know.

Elaine said...

All I will tell you is that SGM has the most exquisite vagina I have ever laid my eyes on.

What did the naughty commenters do to get their comments removed

Dying to know and loving my Gentile Lover even more (and Frank)

Mommy E

The Lil Bee said...

OOOOOH, I do hope my DVR is not so backed up with repeats of Bridezillas that it starts erasing the most important shows, like this! It sounds oh so juicy. Well, it's 7:20am here in Hawaii, and I'm going to go swim with the dolphins. Seriously! I just have to tell you...YOU ROCK MY WORLD! Your post on my blog was the best thing I've ever read in my LIFE!!!!!!

Fancy. Klassy. Natural! I am still peeing my pants!!

Anonymous said...

SGM, would you please please please! make some comments on the crazy hair/clothes stylings of Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler? What is up with her?