Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My arms ache for him

Jeff Lewis guest judges on Top Design tonight. (I'm totally fanning myself at my desk right now. HOT.)

Also, if you've been watching the show regularly this season, then you are familiar with the super-talented Eddie Ross. Look at him!

God, how I love me some smart-mouthed preppy gay. Sigh. Paloma at La Dolce Vita scored an interview with him, and he's just as fabulous as you would expect. Check it out here.


Richie Designs said...

Ha! I was wondering if you saw that he was on as a guest judge!

from the commercials it looks like he's in rare Jeff form too.

Natalie said...

The loud gasping sound I just made when reading this post scared both my poodle and daughter. I am sooooo excited. And I had almost forgotten. It's too good to be true, and my mind just can't handle it so I'm blocking it out in order to able to accomplish anything else today. I'm just as excited to read what you'll have to say about it!

mamacita said...

A vest AND a belt? Bah. Might as well have a face tattoo, the degenerate.

Jennifer said...

I want to be besties with him. But then again, I want to be besties with everyone!

Paloma said...

Thanks for mentioning my interview, SGM! I had so much fun chatting with Eddie! He's even more fabulous than I had imagined.

I cannot wait for tonight's episode of Top Design! I've been having Jeff Lewis withdrawals.

I took a real estate course in home staging today and the instructor was talking about the importance of organizing things according to size and height and having the labels facing out. Do you know how I summed that up in my notes? I wrote: "Jeff Lewis".
Love him!

Brilliant Asylum said...

That was just the Jeff Lewis fix I needed. Actually, no it's not. I need him to be a weekly judge. Sigh. I miss him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's lose nutty Wearstler and have Jeff be a permanent fixture! He had some great quotes last night, and was actually nice to the group he liked even though none of the groups had places that were really his style.

Enigmatic quote: "Guys don't know what they want until their late 30s. I just figured out what I wanted like 6 months ago." What is it Jeff? Is it me? Because you're going to need to let me know and I can get the necessary paperwork going.

Funniest quote (you have to see the delivery):

Hicks: "You want to kick her off just for the decoupage?"

Jeff: "I hated it that much."

SGM said...

Yes! The "I hated it that much" was CLASSIC Jeff Lewis.

beachbungalow8 said...

i'm with you. preppy gay man, without 'tude....i heart you.