Friday, November 23, 2007


TO: Most subjects on TLC's What Not to Wear, you know who
you are


RE: Your hair

CC: Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

Please, please let Nick Arrojo cut your hair. Don't outwardly fret about it, don't cry about it, and don't refuse it. I am speaking in particular to the 35 year old nanny with the hair down to the butt, but really this is for all who freak out about Nick cutting your hair. Let's be honest here. You were selected to be on this show out of thousands, which means you have some atrociously bad taste. This includes your hair; there's nowhere but up for you, darling. Do not ruin the makeover by not doing the hair. It's like wearing dirty Crocs with a cocktail dress. I know that Nick's hair is currently looking a bit long, greasy and unkempt (he looked so much better when he had the buzz cut), but please trust him. He is not out to sabotage you; that would make him look bad too. Don't you get it?

Maybe it would make you feel better to know that hair grows back. Yes, it does. And you can change the color at home if you don't like it. I swear it's true! You can even buy some of the Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves hair extensions if you really don't like your new look. Please just give Nick a shot. He rarely misses. If I were you, I'd be more worried about Carmindy and her apparent willingness to pimp any product out there.



S. said...

Hah! I just watched the nanny episode on TiVo tonight and thought, ARE? YOU? KIDDING? ME? I often loathe what Nick does to his victims but more often I think his handiwork is better than what preceded it...

Forever Chic said...

A-fucking-men. I'm a little behind on What Not to Wear because I don't have TV anymore, but if memory serves, Nick always does an amazing job on peoples' hair, and their whining and crying just reaffirms why they're on the show.

At the very least, they're getting hair treatments worth hundreds of dollars, as well as a peek into the possibilities of what they can do with their hair. WHY DO THEY CRY?

SGM said...

S., and the nanny nominated HERSELF. Completely absurd.
forever chic, yes, why not indulge in an pricey NYC haircut and color? Why so afraid, people? "Just reaffirms why they're on the show"--so true!

Cote de Texas said...

I hate to say this, and maybe it will change, but WNTW does better makeovers than Tim G. sorry. They are just the best with those makeovers. Plus I think you get more clothes with WNTW.

SGM said...

Joni, I agree 100%! It seems like Tim's subjects have deeper psychological issues--people who really do not like themselves and new clothes are not going to be the solution. And I just can't warm up to the humorless Veronica Webb. The whole show is just kind of heavy, which is not what I look for in a makeover show. It drives me nuts not to know the budget on Tim's show, and it does seem that WNTW gives more clothes. Excellent observation! :)

Anonymous said...

He looks like HE could stand a hair makeover.