Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quite possibly the best compliment evah

Recently my 6 year old told me that he thought his aunt, my sister, looked like Liesl Von Trapp. And it's kind of true. My sister almost passed out when I told her; sadly, I didn't get any of those Von Trapp genes.

Incidentally, the actress who played Liesl, Charmian Carr, is an interior designer. Michael Jackson was one of her clients for many years in the 80s and he was a freak even then. I can't really find any photos of her work but she does design custom furniture (and sell canine shampoo?). It's crazy expensive and not my style, but I can't bring myself to make fun of Liesl so check it out here if you like.


Chimp said...

That IS the best compliment, ever. Sometimes I'm told that I look like Pippi Longstockings. Not quite in the same vein of lovely comparisons, I'd say.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love Liesl and the Sound of Music so much that I dragged my friends on one of those senior citizen bus tours of Salzburg where you see all the film sights and have a sing-a-long. Thanks for all of the fun facts.

SGM said...

Chimp,I know, don't you hate it when people say you look like someone who is not so attractive? Pippi's not bad. I got Erin Moran one time about 15 years ago and I am still offended!
Brilliant A-ooooooooooh, I would love that tour too!