Monday, November 5, 2007

The Orginal Jake Ryan

My kids have been sick for days (they're tag-teaming me) and I got nothin'. So I invite you to read this article that saved me hours on a therapist's couch.


beachbungalow8 said...

oh my god. you struck a gold mine with that article. i was in love with jake. i googled him a few years ago, and yes, found that he worked as a furniture manufacturer in P.A.

what kind of freak am I? as an adult, i still harbor a fascination.

in college, while knitting a sweater for my then boyfriend, the model in the pattern photograph was michael schoeffling. we tore it out and hung it on our wall.

Things That Inspire said...

I swear I saw the actress who played Jake's girlfriend, the one who got her hair chopped off, at my church last year!

fashiongirl said...

Between Jake Ryan and Lloyd Dobler they've ruined several generations of women.

Decorno is right, your blog is fabulous!

Richie Designs said...

OMG that is most f'ing brilliant article ever.

I can hear that damn Thompson Twins song in my head right now.

SGM said...

BB8, you're my kind of freak. I actually googled Carolyn the girlfriend after I recognized her on an episode of Sex and the City. Can you imagine what it's like to be Michael S's wife?
Things that inspire--she goes to church? (haha, get it?)
Fashiongirl, excellent point. I forgot about Lloyd Dobler! (for a moment I had him confused with Lloyd Braun from Seinfeld. Hee hee)
richie designs, that song still induces a pitter-patter in my heart.