Friday, November 30, 2007


My friends! I need your help. We are having a holiday cocktail party in a couple of weeks and people need a place to set their drinks and a surface to dance upon when things get crazy later. I need a coffee table.

Here's my problem. I have this behemoth sectional with the chaise that leaves a tiny area for a table. Can you read my dimensions there? 26" on the short side, then 52" then 50" on the far right side. Every circle or square table I've seen is 32" and that's just too tight for the space.
I could do some cubes, but that seems just kind of bleh. Any of you out there with The Eye, do you have any suggestions? I'm fresh out of ideas.

Incidentally, viewing this room in a photo gives me a fresh perspective, like this room is looking a little void of personality. I think that zebra pillows might be just the thing. Or maybe I could splurge on some woven John Robshaw or one of these Jonathan Adler black and whites? Ooooooooooh. And the console behind the couch could use a big light green ferny type of plant. And put something on the wall by the stairs, for God's sake. Also, that stain on the floor--never noticed it before I took this picture. Scary.

Muchas gracias.


fashiongirl said...

Go for the zebra, animal prints are so in right now. Besides, Adler is always overpriced. $90 for the pillow cover, pillow not included. Ouch!

Things That Inspire said...

Hmmmm....when something is already put together, I can make a comment, but I am not an original thinker! However, I looked through my living room files and saw some things designers had two small side tables placed side by side. Something like Bungalow 5's taboret - - it comes in 8 different colors. You could e-mail them to see where they are sold in Colorado. West Elm has some great similarly sized side tables that might work.

Good luck!

Hickory chair has a great side table - the Charlotte side table, in the Mariette Himes Gomez collection - that they have pictured as a coffee table in the room scenes associated with the product. It looks great, and measures 25.75" wide by 17" deep. I have seen this table in person, and it is really nice looking. So, perhaps you could extend your search to side tables as their dimensions are more along the lines of what you are looking for. Go to Hickory Chair's website and take a look.

SGM said...

fashiongirl-- dude, I need to learn how to needlepoint. I would copy that JA palm beach pillow without a second thought!
Things that inspire-- You are so wonderful! I'm loving the Taboret; the red is calling me. Lovely. And the Charlotte is beautiful--you're right about looking at side tables. Don't know why that didn't occur to me. Thanks so much!

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

What about 2 Saarinen tables at different heights with black bases and oak tops? Greenish cushions to match the lamp bases.

SGM said...

HBOC, thanks for the advice. I LOVE you design people, and why am I just now discovering your comment?
Although my party has come and gone, we are still contemplating the table(s). I'll let you know what we decide.