Thursday, December 20, 2007

Been Tagged

I was tagged by the lovely Pink Wallpaper. I could post the rules but will not. I am not passing this on because most of my blogging friends are uppity bitches (that's why I love them) and would ignore it, thereby shaming me. But I think Pink Wallpaper and her blog are fantastic (Stacy and Clinton aren't coming for you anytime soon; you're way too cute), so I'm happy to oblige and provide 7 weird/random facts about myself.

1. I talked my way backstage at a Marky Mark concert (circa Good Vibrations, 1992) and he rapped my name. Oh yes he did.

2. When Bob Guiney was The Bachelor, I not only bought his CD, but I sat in the car and ripped it open with my teeth (I only recently found the CD in our tv console thingy, and I disposed of it).

3. I have never been to NYC. Talk about shame. I am working to remedy this.

4. I am always, always cold. My thermostat is set at 69 and I am typing this in my winter coat right now.

5. I am a total freaky crazy college basketball fan, and have sweaty palms and a stutter for most of March. Only a few people in my real life know this, and the rest hear of it but don't believe it because I am such a priss. Swear to God, I have been known to cry when my team loses in the Big Dance.

6. No one in my real life knows that I blog except for my husband, and I had to tell him because he thought I had an online boyfriend. Little does he know that I have online girlfriends.

7. I once peed my pants in public because I was laughing so hard. And no, I was not drunk, I was pregnant and I saw someone get popped in the head with a tennis ball. It doesn't sound funny, but believe me, it was.


Things That Inspire said...

I knew immediately that Bob was the Bachelor. Kind of sad that I retain the most useless stuff in my mind, yet cannot remember the name of the parents in my kids' classes.

I was tagged today too.

Who Sees the Seven... said...

I must say that I also heart the Bachelor AND college basketball. A strange mix, I agree, but happy to see that someone else loves that odd combination too. Did you know the new Bachelor season starts around the time of the first round of March Madness? I'm nervous about scheduling conflicts, but have faith in my DVR.

JJ said...

7. it doesn't sound funny but the mental picture made me wee a little. said...

I love these... and I kind of have blog shame, too. My fiance and my friend JJ are pretty much the only ones who know. Oh, and my friend Cristine, and she only knows because I wrote about how she wrote a book, and she only found my blog by Google-ing herself, so she's a total loser just like me. :)

I am trying to picture your husband accusing you of an internet affair and you bashfully admitting you blog about your vomiting child and general commentary on the world at large. I love it.

Pink Wallpaper said...

you are too funny...i love your confessions and the fact that marky mark rapped to you...i went to a vanilla ice concert and tried to push my way up to the front to catch his sweaty about shame!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Nearly everyone I know knows about my blog - which is now a little shameful, am I so desparate for attention? But my husband does think of my blog as an internet affair, so I think it's the same thing. Oh, and when one of my friends found out, she asked me, "Do you really think you have anything to say?" Maybe I should have kept it to myself. said...

Ms. B, are you serious?? Your friend said that? Why kind of frenemy is she, anyway? :)

Sometimes I think blogs are totally self-indulgent and ridiculous (esp. mine) but you know I have been so totally entertained by all the decor blogs I have been lucky enough to stumble upon this year. I hardly need TV anymore when I am lucky enough to be entertained by very real people with funny observations and good ideas. Anyone who would think "do you have anything to say?" I think is just really asking that question of themselves in a pretty oblique way. :)

SGM said...

All of you can consider yourselves TAGGED. Yessir. I'd love to see your 7 weird things. Don't ignore this or you will have 7 years of bad luck and everyone you know will grow to hate you.
TTI--no shame in recognizing BG!
Who Sees--I don't watch the Bach anymore. I think I stopped at Byron the fisherman b/c he seemed boring. I might be able to get back into it but now my trash tolerance is much higher and I watch Rock of Love. New season on Jan 13.
JJ--you writing that made ME wee a little.
Decorno, I love the Cristine story! So FUNNY.
PW, YES! Thank you for sharing that, I feel better.
Mrs. B--I think it's awesome that most of your friends know about your blog. I don't tell people b/c mine is kind of bitchy and I'm a little ashamed to show my friends my full-on bitchiness, plus, as Decorno mentioned, I don't want to come across as "I am so important; you NEED to be reading me." Mrs. B, you have an excellent blog. Take pride, people need to be reading you.

Pigtown-Design said...

ACC basketball rocks... Maryland used to be good, but they've sucked in the past couple years. But still... ACC hoops.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Can we be over the verb "rocks" to mean "does something good"?


amber said...

I am so incredibly jealous of number one..mark wahlberg has been on my mental list of super yummy - if i wasn't married and just happened to be famous, I'd love so, that being said, good job!

Richie Designs said...

brilliant facts. I especially love the fact that none one knows you blog except us!

SGM said...

Amber, if you ever find yourself single, I'll fix you up with MW. I'm sure he remembers me. :)
RD--I just came out of the closet to my good friend Charlene. Whew. She handled it beautifully.