Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My dear benefactress Decorno recently wrote a post on gift-wrapping/gift giving and how she loves to give gifts that she herself would like to get. Right on, sister; anyone can give a Starbuck's gift card. Anyhow, the comments for this post were also entertaining and enlightening, Mamacita's in particular. She wrote about these red pants(!) that that her aunt wants for Christmas and how she forced herself to buy them, but that she couldn't talk about it on her blog because her uncle reads it (hope your uncle doesn't read this blog, Mamacita). She provided a link to said pants, and they do not look at all like the ones pictured above. I'm glad she was able to get it out via Decorno's comments section because I thought it was really funny and I am a happier person for having read it.

This time of year, we are often forced to be around wacko relatives/co-workers and alcohol, and excellent stories result. I myself love a juicy "my mother-in-law is a psycho!" story, or even a simple "my sister-in-law had better not bring that hateful jello salad to dinner this year." So, if you have some good stories to tell or mild complaining to do but are unable to do it on your own blog, you just write me at and I will post it here, and you can remain anonymous or not. Let's just get it out (Jennifer Aniston, this includes you. I saw on some tabloid cover that you were spending the holidays with Brad's parents--I'm sure that's totally true, and I would love to get the dirt on that man-stealer Angelina).

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Anonymous said...

Mamacita's red-pants tale is a masterpiece of blogography (esp. since she included a link to said red pants). Gonna be hard to top that one.

SGM said...

I know! The link brought it all home. RED PANTS! Pulled up to the armpits. Awesome.

mamacita said...

So glad I could amuse you! I think they may end up being my favorite gift this year. I will try to get a pic of the pants in action.

And did I mention that said aunt still wears her hair in wings?

SGM said...

Oh Mamacita, I think I would DIE to see the pants in action. And don't we all have a relative who wears her hair in wings and also wears glasses from 1985? Good Lord. It's like they live on different planets.

SGM said...

I mean "a different planet." And Mamacita, I love reading your blog but now feel that I can't comment for fear of your uncle finding his way to this post. So just know that I am admiring from afar. :)

Anonymous said...

"The pants in action" is some seriously funny writing. Damn.

mamacita said...

SGM -- Please leave me a comment! I gets lonely over there. I doubt my uncle will do too much digging.

Shelbysaurus said...

Hahaha, wow this blog is absolutely amazing.
I found it on a google search as I was looking for a picture of a contemporary bathroom as an inspiration for my currently under construction bathroom.

The pictures are oustandingly well. The color and crispness of the shot is captured beautifully.

Also, your writing is very entertaining. Comical, cosmopolitan, yet I can relate to half the things you talk about.

I absolutely love it, and will continue to read every blog you post!