Friday, December 7, 2007


1. Why does Michael Jackson have to be such a straight-up perv? I want to buy She's Out of My Life, Rock with You and Don't Stop Til you Get Enough in the worst way because they are some of the best songs in the history of the world, but I cannot give money in good conscience to MJ. Did anyone else have this poster in her room in the mid-80s?:

Tragic, the whole thing. Not on the scale of Darfur or AIDS, but still.

2. Great December/January 2007 issue for Domino (or is it domino?)! Enjoyed it very much. But am I the only one who would not enjoy chomping on a leafy celery stalk at a fancy cocktail party (p. 76)? Add hot wings and I'm there with bells (and sweats) on, but celery and dip alone? I just don't see it. Also, the throw on p. 44 is not available. Why, Domino?

3. I hope this whole "Britney is pregnant" story really is false, not only for the obvious reason that this little lady doesn't need another youngin', but because it would be a spectacularly awesome joke on In Touch, who has already spent two covers insisting that it's true. Bravo, girl! I think this should be Britney's new PR strategy: have friends/employees/"reliable sources" make up a bunch of shit that isn't true, vaguely confirm it, wait for the tabloids to come out and then prove it to be ridiculously false. Revenge, Brit! Yours for the taking.


Anonymous said...

Re. Domino's Dec. issue: It was the description of "peanut butter and jelly yogurt," as mixed together by children, that brought me close to vomiting.

SGM said...

YES! I actually checked out Jennifer Rubell's entertainment book from the library ('cause I'm a library girl now) and it has some not-so-appetizing dishes in it, namely the pb&j yogurt. You should see the accompanying photos. ick.

JJ said...

I am going to email you Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. It is circa Napster so you won't feel so dirty owning it.

Anonymous said...

OK, I just looked at that article again, and it opens with a photograph of a toddler running around the kitchen with a drooping diaper. Could this whole Domino brunch scenario GET any more vomit-inducing?

SGM said...

Anon, are you telling me that you don't want a germy 3 year old with a full diaper mixing your yogurt with his hands?

Anonymous said...

...AND, this whole brunch is supposed to be perfect if you're hungover!

(Thanks for venting with me, sgm)