Sunday, December 9, 2007

Too bad

I saw these little customizable soap dishes by Paloma's Nest on Another Shade of Grey and have been thinking about them for days:

The possibilities! And only for $10.50! I've been thinking of all of the funny little inside jokes I could put on them for some close friends and really, I've been cracking myself up. I went online to order some tonight and much to my chagrin, they are SOLD OUT. It's probably for the best because I was planning to send them to my favorite celebs as well, and that could have been expensive. Oh well. Maybe for Valentine's Day. Here is a list of my potential recipients and the message:

Amy Winehouse: Good for you! (because she's not looking so fresh these days, and I'd like to encourage her occasional use of the soap)

Jessica Simpson: Don't wash your face with soap or else your face will get dry and wrinkly and then you'll never find a man (hope all of that fits) OR Why'd you break up with Nick Lachey, dumbass?

Rachael Ray : Property of Mrs. Asshat

Paris Hilton: (something along the lines of "all of the soap in the world wouldn't clean your skanky ass" but I'd need to work on the wording a bit more. There's also a "don't drop the soap" joke that I could use but that would be too obvious)

Lindsay Lohan: Don't snort the soap

Ryan Reynolds: Marry me (Romantic, no? And maybe he'd send a dish back that said "yes!" Mmmmm. But then I'd have to send a dish back that said "psyche!" because I am already married. I am also considering sending an "I love you" dish to Vince Vaughn if he loses a little weight and stops looking so ashen.)

Heidi Montag: Wash up, you don't know where Spencer's been OR You will never feel clean again after betraying your best friend

To whom would you send a customizable soap dish?

Just had to add Brilliant Asylum's contribution in the comments section because I'm still smiling about it:

Dave Grohl: Never use this. I like you dirty.


Pink Wallpaper said...

ogm you totally just cracked me up...thanks for making my the jessica simpson, lilo, and heidi shout outs!

fashiongirl said...

To Posh Spice and it would say "Shut up already!"

Brilliant Asylum said...

I would send one to Dave Grohl that says "Never use this. I like you dirty."

Btw, did you watch "The Hills: Lauren Looks Back"? Heidi used to be so sweet, for a few episodes at least.

SGM said...

Pink Wall - so glad I made your monday. Thanks for the warm fuzzy. :)
fashiongirl - In an English accent? Mine to Posh would be "watch your back, I'd totally do your husband."

God, BA! I laughed out loud! totally agree with you on that one. Love that dirty Dave Grohl.
Didn't watch The Hills retrospective, but just finished the season finale. Lauren is such a sulker; I was a little disappointed that she was invited to Paris after all (but of course she was!). That stupid show. You know I'm all on board for season 4 though.

Paloma said...

I love your personalization ideas! Too funny! I'm also incredibly amused that this shop and I share a name.)

I am Trish Marie said...

Ha! Don't snort the soap.. that one had us laughing.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am soooo with you two on Dave Grohl! Yowza.

jen said...

You are the best, SGM. I love that you love Dave Grohl. We could totally be BFF (except that I would have to kill you over Dave).