Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mac to My Cheese

Attention, everyone! There is a rock star among us! Our pal and fellow blogger Richele over at Richie Designs has published (as in real, official, and legit) greeting cards. Check out these samples--click to enlarge if you need to:

They're smart, stylish and original, and they're going to be at Jack Cards soon (note: if you still haven't bought your necessary Valentine cards and were planning on finding some among the Snoopy dregs at the grocery store tomorrow, you might want to give this site some attention). If you are like me and want to see Richele's cards there even sooner, please email

Congratulations, Richele!


Suzy said...

they are super cute!

katiedid said...

Love'em! Oh and your Lucky shoes post: hilarious! I couldn't top any of the comments I was laughing too hard.

Richie Designs said...

Thanks so much SGM!! It's been so much fun and so wild that they are actually printed.

Hopefully Jack Cards will get with the show sooner than later ;)


Sucker For Marketing said...

I love great and so much better than those "Christian Sunset" and "Marge" (or is it Madge?)cards that are out there. Whenever I travel, I always look for great cards, and I would grab these right up!