Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Press Release

Cutting edge shovel art by SGM


New Snow Artist Freezes Art World

Denver, Colorado - This winter, the front walk of a Denver home has been transformed into a major outdoor art exhibit. Scraping the Surface, sponsored by Target, is the brainchild of snow artist SGM, a self-taught shoveler and conceptual artist.

Her first work, entitled Shove It Up Your Heart (pictured above), is full of moxie and mojo, and took her almost 3 seconds to complete. The piece turned into performance art when the artist's children stomped on it 2 minutes later.

"It is beyond powerful," marveled leading art critic Del Mitchell, who also happens to be SGM's across the street neighbor. "The children metaphorically crushed the artist's heart by growing older and losing their innocence while simultaneously acting childish. Also, packing the snow like that forced SGM to get out her scraping tool, which she despises. Her annoyance adds even more depth to the piece."

A local art student who happened upon the exhibit said he was "blown away" by the avant-garde nature of SGM's work. William "Shady" Morris, age 21, wiped a tear from his eye as he spoke. "Her shoveling goes against common wisdom; it's all crooked and spotty, but that's what's so moving. It's so human."

SGM's work is not without controversy. Another critic, next door neighbor Jenny Guerrero, is not so impressed: "Oh, she's calling herself SGM now? I suppose she's going to feign a British accent next. I find her work to be uninspiring, especially when she throws snow onto my cleared sidewalk. It's so . . . rude."

SGM has never let unfavorable opinions affect her work, and it is this boldness that makes her art so ground-breaking. "My methods are unorthodox, and some people cannot move beyond that. They see me working for hours with my shovel and think that I'm just screwing around out here in the cold. What they don't realize is that I'm forging a path, both literally and figuratively, for the common man--pizza delivery people in particular."

Expect SGM's work to evolve as more snow falls. The exhibit opened yesterday and will run until the snow melts, which will probably be sometime in June because SGM's house faces north. For more information, please comment and the artist or her agent will respond.


Suzy said...

Hurrah! Can I buy 2 of them?

SGM said...

Suzy, thank you for your interest. The packing and shipping to Hong Kong, as well as the continental US, will be about $5000 as the medium is very fragile, and the pieces themselves range anywhere from $20 to $26.
Also, SGM cannot be held responsible for the disintegration of art displayed in rooms warmer than 32 degrees F.
These pieces will be the crown jewels of any art collection. We look forward to conducting business with you!

Pigtown-Design said...

Freaking hilarious! Have friends up in Alma who are snowed in. They're miserable.

Habitually Chic said...

SGM, You crack me up! The funny part is that art press releases in NYC sound just like that! Thanks for making my day!

amber said...

ha! may you make a fortune from your success.

Richie Designs said...

Hello, this is the curator of MOMA. We would like to do an installation of your work. Maybe even a retrospective. We would imagine that the body of your work would be impressive based on this solo piece.

Please advise as we are holding the crowds back already of the mention of this show. We're moving the Rothko's out as we speak to make room.

Hannah said...

SGM, I think it is pretty vital that you do a showing of your pieces here in Montreal. Not only do we have the frigid temperatures to sustain them but also an entire population of snobby people willing to pay a hefty premium for such works of divine inspiration. Your work has definitely given me something to aspire too since my own attempts to shovel the steps to my walk-up were actually mocked by a seven year old Quebecois boy and his father. Clearly, I have a long way to go.

I am Trish Marie said...

Do you do any work with yellow snow? Because I do not want to purchase art from an artist who would stoop to the level of using yellow snow. If not, please package some up for me. And perhaps you might offer some advice on how to store said snow art, give it is SEVENTY SEVEN (that is what the rearview mirror in my car told me) FREAKIN' degrees here today.

Sucker For Marketing said...

SGM, you are the best! Thanks for making my day!

SGM said...

MOMA Curator, I would be willing to discuss this. I hesitate b/c MOMA seems a little too mainstream for my taste, but then again, my work is such a statement about global warming and I think the public needs exposure to that. If there's any money involved, please contact my agent, Richie, and she will negotiate some sort of agreement.

Hannah, do not be discouraged. I am offering a 2 day workshop in March for a fee of $20,000. Maybe you can get some sort of grant from the Canadian government? If not, then I am coming out with a line of shovels that I think would serve you well.

Trish Marie, Excellent question! I do work with yellow snow on occasion because it is so authentic. Please be assured that it is human "yellow" (manufactured by myself) and not animal. Don't judge these pieces before you've seen them; they are quite riveting. I know a curator in Houston who can install a walk in freezer in your house for my art, should you choose to purchase.

Due to increasing interest in my work, prices have changed. Pieces now range from $15,000 to $75,000.

SGM said...

Sucker, I know. Because you knew me before I was famous, maybe we can work a special deal.

Elaine said...

Genius my sister. People don't understand how my obsessive need to read US Weekly, et al, is performance art. It's so deep dude. I guess it's over their heads.

You are an always will be my Denver BFF.

S. said...

Brilliant! Brava, BRAVA!

Hannah should be able to get the grant from our government in the snap of two fingers. If not, she will be the only person residing in Quebec to be denied a large grant for a project of dubious worth. Ah, the joys of living in the socialist state of Canada!

Here in Toronto, my current performance work focuses on
snorting over SGM's hilarity as my Parisian boyfriend shakes his head in confusion. Demonstrates the hearty if unsophisticated anglo tempermant contrasted with the cool, no- fun- at- all Gallic intellectualism. Perfecting the snort is proving difficult but, happily, SGM provides much fodder with which to practise. It's a kind of cross-border artistic collaboration.

SGM said...

Elaine and S.,
In a world where so many innovators are misunderstood, I truly value the sincere appreciation of fellow artists. Thank you.