Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mint Julep said...

Yeah, I didn't go to a college with a football team either, but it was in New Orleans so that makes up for it. And I spaz if I see someone wearing anything related.

I think Tamra is ok.

By the way, are those people in your header from Make Me A Supermodel?
Nice job.

SGM said...
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SGM said...

New Orleans does indeed make up for it, but what do you do for Homecoming? I just don't get it.

The header--it's a Ferragamo ad from an old (as in October) issue of Esquire.

I am Trish Marie said...

Craigslist missed connections are the best source of entertainment. We like to drink a glass of wine, read them, and laugh hysterically.

Richie Designs said...

gawd damn that is a fine looking header! tee hee

of course I want to fix about 3 things on it but thats just me being a super freak- glad it worked!


Anonymous said...

Drink a couple of glasses of water after your workout and you won't be so sore.

Anonymous said...

I'd be okay with being a Tamra but by god if anyone called me a Quinn I'd go batshit crazy (which as everyone knows if crazier than apeshit).
Hey--is Richie Designs open for more banner business? I need one and love yours.

mamacita said...

He went to a small college with no football team--so it's not really a college at all.

You are, too, Southern! The stork was simply misdirected.

BTW, I love your new banner, honey. The Botox doesn't show at all!

Jessica Claire said...

love the new header indeed!!

very glam dah-ling

SGM said...

PF, YES! Calling a person Quinn is a total insult. Hands down. Richie is super nice--email her (via her blog) about your header.
Mamacita, I am, aren't I?
Thanks Jessica Claire!