Friday, February 8, 2008

Shopping Spree

I hate cold weather. And snow. There is lots of both here in Denver and I am OVER IT. Usually when the weather is dreary, I find happiness in spending money and acquiring things that I don't need. However, I am on a spending hiatus (thanks to A Cup of Jo for the dignified term which replaces "stop buying so much crap"), so there will be no shopping. After the week I've had, I really feel the need to use (if you watch Celebrity Rehab, you know what I mean); please join me on a brief virtual shopping trip.

First purchase:

I'm trying to cut back on my magazines so I didn't take Margaret Russell up on her generous subscription offer. It hurts me, deep inside, to not have Elle Decor in my mailbox every month, and I may have to give up my design blogger status without it.

Then, just for fun, I'd get this and send it overnight to Lauren Conrad:

She'd call me and say "oh my God. What the hell is she wearing? Are those multi-sized mirrors on her dress?" and I'd say "I know! What's up with the flesh colored band around her waist? I can't stop looking at her beauty pageant hair and freaky expression! And the background color--how unappealing. Lauren, did you design this cover? Because the person who did hates Kristin Cavallari with the intensity of 1000 suns!" Then we'd have a big laugh (although I'm not sure that Lauren is capable of more than a closed-mouth smile) and talk some shit about Heidi's new video and Spencer's amazing ability to become more and more creepy.

But for now I'm still shopping. I'd buy some lipstick, because that is a guaranteed pick-me-up:

MAC 'Slimshine' Lipstick, don't know what color, but I'd wear it

Ah, I'm feeling better already; nothing makes my heart pitter-patter like a new tube of lipstick. Gloss could never really do that for me.

Next stop, shoes, for my one big splurge:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hh two tone Mary Janes, $473

God, I think these are gorgeous. I'd even wear them out of the store, just like kids do, and later tell my husband that I got them on the sale rack at DSW.

My final purchase:

A snowblower. What a dream! If there is snow during the week, I am usually the shoveler because my husband leaves for work at 6 a.m. If ever you need a good laugh, come on over to my house after a snowstorm. I'll set you up in front of the bay window with some hot chocolate and you can watch me shovel our short driveway and small stretch of sidewalk for an insane amount of time. When I'm finished, it will look the the work of a blind person with two broken arms.

Well, that actually felt pretty good. I'm a simple woman; magazines, lipstick, shoes and an occasional piece of power equipment are all it really takes to satisfy me. Thankfully, a Kit Kat Blizzard from Dairy Queen and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have that same effect, and I'm going to partake in that kind of cheap fix right now.

Hope you have a fulfilling weekend too!


Anonymous said...

But Margaret Russell entrusted you with a Special Professional's Rate!

Ungrateful blogger.

I am Trish Marie said...

Ohhh virtual shopping is almost as much fun as real shopping.

And Spencer. Creepy! Have you ever noticed how he looks like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons? Go ahead, look it up. The resemblance is uncanny.

style & grace said...

You are freaking hilarious. Kristin Cavallari lives in my building and her hair extensions are shiteous. But my husband thinks she is cute, all a matter of personal taste I guess.

JJ said...

Speaking of Christians that are seemingly not Christian (Heidi) (and I am somewhat of an expert having attended the largest Baptist University in The World and 8 years of New Life Ranch christian summer camp)...did you see My Super Sweet Sixteen with Chanae the Preacher's Daughter? She told her mom that "Jesus doesn't want me to have a budget." Mom said, "uh, no, did you just say that? Uh, Jesus told your dad and me that you DO have a budget."

I thought you should know.

Richie Designs said...

Girrrrl, you need to come to So Cal for a visit! it was an amazing 75 degrees here this weekend.

Don't hate me for my weather.

I am LOVING the word "Shiteous" via Style & Grace

SGM said...

Anon, I'm saving the world with one less subscription, okay? I have a call in to Maggie right now to let her know how terribly I feel about turning her down.
Trish Marie, YES!!
Style & Grace, I actually think she's pretty cute too, but zero personality. And shiteous extensions.
JJ, I have not seen it but I want to.
Richie, you don't even know. I think I'm ready to retire to SoCal. Now.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i can't stop laughing about the prom teen awful! I want to be on 3 way when you call LC just to dis about that god awful pagent hair...i couldn't get past that until i read the part about the mirrors on the dress...bless her heart!

paigepop said...

Blizzards are the bomb. On an 8th grade geography test I took there was a question that said "Every city in Texas has one of these." I had no idea what the answer was and being the smart ass I am, I put "Dairy Queen." The teacher gave half credit because he knew it was true...even if it wasn't the answer he was searching for.

Oh, and Kristin Cavallari has never looked worse. Did Lauren Conrad style that shoot?

Anonymous said...

You called her "Maggie"??? Impudent tart!

For punishment, she's sending you "Better Homes and Gardens."

Pigtown-Design said...

i could never be bored enough to watch the kardashians. it's just tooo horrible for words.

Anonymous said...

Then you are soooooo on the wrong blog.

SGM said...

PW, I saw it in person and gasped aloud. It's so awful.
Paige, what was the real answer? I think you are a genius!
Anon, she loves it! And I love being called an impudent tart.
Pigtown, I know, I know. Unfortunately, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I CRIED during last night's episode when they did a Robert Kardashian video tribute.
Anon, I almost choked at your reply to Pigtown. You know me so well. x o x o

paigepop said...

I never took the time to figure out the right answer. I think like a courthouse or something lame like that?

Anonymous said...

The 1950s had Salinger's Glass family. Our age has the Kardashians. I prefer the Kardashians.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I am so glad that LC won the celebreality cookoff. Kristin was too damn cocky for me. I am willing to bet Heidi ends up on the cover of Teen Prom next year.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a press pass that said "REPORTER, Teen Prom."

h said...

I am insane magazine addict. I recently opened up my own boutique and my spending is on a serious hiatus. But as far as magazines go - buy them on Ebay! You can get 3 year subscription for like $10. Granted, some will scam you but look for feedback. I've used superior subscriptions a lot.

Anonymous said...

You just KNOW that there is porn out there that specializes in women walking around in high heels wielding snow blowers...

Jessica Claire said...

that dress is shiteous indeed and also heino (aka heinous)

That stylist should be fired!

SGM said...

Anon, that's funny. Cold, but funny.