Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting the Recognition I Deserve!

What's hot now? ME, bitches! Elle Decor has FINALLY recognized that I am a bona fide design blogger.* Why else would I receive this Professional Discount Offer?

. . . because I am a professional design blogger! It's non-transferable, okay? That means that regular old bloggers, dumbshits who write about celebrities and reality tv, cannot get this special rate.** Do you think I can qualify for a trade discount based on this? Oh my God! I'm headed to the Denver Design Center tomorrow to find out.

Thank you, Margaret Russell! You won't regret it! ***


*Believe it or not, a popular design blogger has questioned my status.

**Don't burst my bubble by telling me that your dog or your dentist's office has received this same offer. And for the love of God, please don't rat me out by telling Elle Decor that I don't speak of design on this blog.

***For those who don't understand this post, it's kind of a joke between the design freaks and me. I love love love design blogs and design bloggers make up a chunk of my readership. Perhaps because of this, I have somehow been categorized by the blog world as a design blogger. BUT I NEVER WRITE ABOUT DESIGN AND IN FACT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT! Ha ha, get it? Joke's on Elle Decor!

16 comments: said...

Ok, that cracked me up even before in my wine-induced drunken stupor, I lamely click through your fancy link thinking, "Who would doubt my girl, SGM????" and then arrived at my own blog.

You kill me. Every time.

You're totally a designer. I mean, you wouldn't get the "professional discount" if you weren't.

I love the thought of you saving these images and then tenderly photoshopping them, etc etc. Kills. Just kills.

SGM said...

Hee hee, Decorno! This one was for you, girl. :)

SGM said...

And fyi, the scanning of this junk mail was very tender, and treated with much sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Well, when Margaret Russell read my poignant denunciation of table skirts, she offered ME a subscription for only $24.00!

SGM said...

Anon, $24 is pathetic. I'll put in a good word for you. Oh, and here's a tip, don't mention tableskirts again; it's too controversial. Margaret wouldn't touch that topic with a 10 foot pole.

Anonymous said...

I was just offered the professional rate for Town & Country - $10!

I really like your blog and Decorno! I just started reading.

Who Sees the Seven... said...

Um, clearly you are a designer like the rest of us. I mean only DESIGNERS can scan and photoshop like you so expertly did. Believe the hype, and professional magazine subscription, you are in the club.

Richie Designs said...

you are so f*ing funny.

Love your posts I look forward to them every day.

estea said...

i keep getting *your professional rate* sub offers from The New Yorker, which i subscribed to back in The Days. The Days, of course, when i was witty and well-read and they didn't pile 12 issues high next to the couch.

thing is, i'm no professional***, unless you count pro-level slacking, or maybe my expertise at baking mac 'n cheese (extra cheesy).

me smells magazine desperation. can you say *not saying ads*?

i knew you could.

****of course this applies only to me. ymmv.


estea said...

well i'm an expert at editing posts.


me smelling = i smell

saying = selling

estea = robotjumpingrope

bye now!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! That was a good one. I think there should be a term for us non-design-bloggers who get love from the design blogs. Like a "fag hag." But nothing really rhymes with design blog. Nothing good anyway.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Russell LIED to me???? Bitch is goin' DOWN...

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