Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reunion Round-Up

George bowling for dollars in Season 2. Just thought it was a funny picture.

All right, here's the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 3 reunion commentary, shotgun style:

1. Tamra's hair. I wasn't crazy about it.

2. Lauri said that there's a "huge misperception" about the amount of plastic surgery they've all had. Yeah, if you have fakey double Ds and admit to having botox and restylane a regular basis, people are going to assume that. It's just ignorance, Lauri.

3. I wish Bravo would have shown us Quinn's new bod. Not fair to say she's lost 22 lbs and then not show it. And Quinn's boobs are fake?! Huh. I didn't know that implants could be made to look like authentically saggy like that.

4. Tamra with her comments about "you nasty little woman" to Quinn and "picturing Vicki juggling Don's balls"--I love you, Tamra, but you need to get a filter. Actually, the Quinn comment was fine, but Vick was having a serious talk about the state of her marriage. I know you were nervous about the reunion, but no need to interrupt Vicki's moment.

5. Did you see Vicki's veins in her neck pop out when see viewed the clip of Don calling her a "lying sack of dogBLEEP" ? I'm afraid that when you're discussing the possible end of your marriage on national tv, it's pretty much over. Go in for the kill, Jeana! Just kidding. Vicki's your friend. Give it a couple of months.

6. Lauri commenting that her son, Josh, is a waiter and just bought an Audi. An Audi. That's an important fact to relate about your recovering addict son, don't you think?

7. Frankie the designer was a fan of the show who emailed Jeana? And they became BFFs? I had no idea. Crazy.

8. Jo! What's up with the vest with the nappy-furred hood? You look like you just stopped by after getting a mani-pedi and a Big Gulp. SO MANY fake smiles from the rest of the cast during Jo's appearance. You could put a gun to my head and I still would not watch her show.

I could have easily hosted this show. Bravo, I'm available for the next season! Let's talk!


Anonymous said...

I Tivo'ed the Reunion and cannot wait to watch it tonight. In fact, cough cough, sniff. How pathetic would it be if I left work early?

Brilliant Asylum said...

The reunion was so paaainful to watch. I actually felt bad for Vicki and Quinn when they were being taunted from the other side of the sofas--even if they did deserve it. I bet none of them are on speaking terms by the end of Season 4.

I noticed that Jo was sitting with another reality tv girl at lunch--Morgan from MTV's "True Life: I have OCD". I wonder if she will be a regular on the Jo Show. (God--it is alarming how much bad television I have absorbed over the years).

Kids Got Hitched said...

Did you notice how the other housewives just sort of politely nodded their heads when Lauri was talking about how Botox and Restylane had taken 'years off her face'? What's worse, they showed a couple clips of Lauri from Season 1, when she still looked somewhat normal and attractive. But if she's really telling the truth about her cosmetic enhancements, then there's a chance she could just stop freezing and plumping and one day get back to humanoid status, right?

The Frankie thing is just plain weird. That guy got an online certificate from Sally Struthers, fo sho. Count me in on being shocked that Quinn's girls were fake. I feel like maybe we should be impressed by that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about the show being on last night, I completely forgot!

Jeana - Is it just me or does anyone else think Jeana is a tad jealous of Tamra. She makes a lot of jabs, like the comment about posing for Playboy. She just had to mention Hef's cut-off age was 23.

Botox/Restylne - My biggest problem with all the injections these women have received is their faces and necks don't match up. Their necks look about 10-20 years older than their faces. Bitchy but true.

Jo - She needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. She always juts her tongue out when she speaks or makes faces. So annoying.

Quinn - Agreed. Who would have known about the boobs being fake. With her weightloss she's kind of starting to look a little like Marie Osmond.

Laura said...

Just left me wanting more--can't wait for NYC.

SGM said...

PF, not pathetic at all (but then again, I am not a good judge of pathetic because I am quite pathetic)
BA, I thought it was painful too. I think Vicki is going thru a major life crisis. I am so impressed with your bad tv watching skills, I can't even tell you!
Kids-YES! Lauri looked so much better during Season 1. I couldn't tell if she had more weight on her then or less botox; think it's a combo.
ANON! I don't know how I could forget about the NECKS! Holy crap the necks looked bad last night, especially in comparison to the faces, which just looked frozen.
Laura--can't wait to see the characters on that one. Sheesh.

maison21 said...

sgm, i blame you! i had never even seen the infernal trainwreck of RHOC until i read your blog, but of course, you and your witty observations made it sound too tempting...

now, i've missed the reunion, show and am too bereft for words. i don't have tivo, and i'm scared that i won't happen on one of bravo's endless reruns and will miss the wrap-up entirely... what will i do? i mean i HAVE to see it, just to look at the necks!

of course, now that i know the big surprise, maybe i don't even care- i can't believe those things were fake! i've seen lots of bad implants (i live in l.a. and all), but those were so authentically, realistically bad, i can't get over it. they look just like my mom's all too real, 4 kids and 40 extra pounds boobs!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did the 25-something year old Joe look like she had her eyes done?