Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did I miss something?

I don't watch Project Runway religiously, but Victorya went home tonight? And Ricky won? What was the reasoning behind this?* Since when is the Winehouse look acceptable outside of a crack den? Did you read Tim's blog where he said that he thought Ricky's dress was u-g-l-y? Was this some sort of bizarro episode?

Hasn't Ricky been on the chopping block almost every single time? And hasn't Victorya won some challenges? And whatever happened to Tim's show? How does he have the time to write such a lengthy blog?

Did I just write a post made up exclusively of questions? Almost.

*I was putting kids to bed so I didn't see the rationale. Someone please explain. And, for the record, I am officially rooting for Sweet P. I love her designs (the champagne prom dress!) and the fact that she said "hippy dippy" tonight.

Speaking of bad fashion, this scrunchie comment made me laugh.


Richie Designs said...

The judges said something about finally seeing his "lingerie" experience in this dress...personally I thought it looked ordinary.

I think the producers wanted more crying out of Ricky and V was a little stiff. Tears make for good TV.

Yah for Sweet P! she's actually a friend of a friend here in LA. Lovely woman I've met her a couple of times. I LOVED the denim dress she did. I would totally have worn it/bought it

amber said...

Ricky's dress looked teeny-boppy, but the judges were all gung ho on the fitting being oh-so perfect, due to his lingerie background. I loved Sweet Pea's dress, it would look adorable with a pair of flip flops. It was time for Victorya to go, though, her dress was all wrong, no "wow factor, and you know they've gotta have that because it's TV.

girl meets glamour said...

OMG, I was thinking the same thing!! The camera loves a good cry baby, that's for sure!!


elaine said...

When are you going to get Tivo? Enough is enough. You are a mother. You need Tivo. Tivo eliminates the "a key to a happy marriage is no tv in the bedroom" philosophy. You just hit pause. It's a wonderful thing.

Abby said...

I love me some Sweet P. i really wanted her to win this challenge, i loved her jean dress. it was so stylish! happy weekend SGM!

Anonymous said...

I agree. And what's with all the crocodile tears? Ricky, enough please! I hate feeling sorry for you. Suck it up and get to work. To read a very funny blog about the Project Runway designers and show, visit projectrungay. I learned of it while viewing MoreWaysToWasteTime's blog. Love your blog, SGM.

SGM said...

Tivo, tivo, tivo. I could write a whole post about it.

paigepop said...

While Ricky's dress was not the best, I do think Victorya was starting to become very uninspired and lazy and borderlining on copycat. I won't miss her. I want Rami, Jillian and Christian in the final 3!!!!!!