Thursday, June 5, 2008

East Coast vs. West Coast

Note LuAnn doing her Statue of Liberty pose

Bravo's First Annual A-List Awards were held in New York last night (don't worry--you haven't missed it; it airs on June 12) and the Housewives of OC and NYC met each other for the first time. Jill spilled the beans to NY Mag that the two most sane people from each cast, Jeana and Bethenny, had "some problems." Sounds like Bethenny threw some of her trademark honesty at Jeana and it did not fly.

Two of my favorite comments from the night:

"Oh my God, those girls are rude and they're kind of chubby and they need Botox and they have bad teeth." ---Tamra Barney's thoughts upon seeing the NYC show for the first time. Tamra, way to come down to my level. Would you like to co-author this blog with me?

"Sometimes they interfere with my Chi." ---OC's Lauri Waring referring to the NYC cast (and if that's not the best fucking thing you've read today, then I'd like to know what is).

Oh God, IT'S ON. This is gonna be bloodier than 2Pac vs. Biggie. Bethenny, where are you and your smart mouth? Someone unleash Ramoner! East Coast, let's see some RETALIATION!

Read the whole wonderful article here.

P.S. No, I have not finished watching the rest of Work Out. Leave me alone!

P.P.S. Sarah at In the Trenches of Mommyhood alerted me to the fact that ex-OC Housewife Jo De La Rosa's reality show premieres July 21 on Bravo. Are we really going to watch this shit? YES. Read the article here and see why Slade Smiley is a supreme douche. Thanks, Sarah!


Jen said...

My step-mom is friends with Slade and said he's actually a really, really sweet guy - but she hasn't been in contact with him since the show. So who knows - maybe it got to his head. I guess my point is that he at least used to be really cool and not a douche.

Lauri Waring is a douche though, and her husband looks better off camera.

Workout! Workout! Workout! -pounds silverware on the table-

mamacita said...

ON WHAT PLANET ARE THE NYC HOUSEWIVES "CHUBBY?" And seriously, they do not need MORE Botox. I think Tamra needs Lasik. And at least the NYC ladies didn't get their black tie outfits at the mall.

It's on, bitch.

karey m. said...

no rush on the work out recap. really. i'm so busy, anyway. i've got loads to do.

like wait. for. the. work. out. recap.

{can you feel my seething rage? i wanted to use capital letters, but i thought the periods exuded my crazy a bit better.}

Anonymous said...

Just fyi... Check out for some more scoop on the showdown between East and West Coast bitches! They call it a "catfight" Loves it!

mamacita said...

Here's the link to the story on (took me a minute to find it). And seriously, blondie OC housewife, do NOT fuck with the RHONYC.

SGM said...

Jen, if he was not a douche before the show, I think the fame (not to mention that skank Jo) transformed him into one. Now explain--have you seen Lauri's husband George????? Do tell!
Mamacita, I know. Bad teeth--YES. Fat--NO.
Karey, I love that you rage over Work Out. Did you know that you can watch whole episodes online? That's what Bravo was claiming on it's website.

Anon and Mamacita--So B actually came after Tamra? I don't believe it. Ridic.

Jen said...

I DID see George and Lauri. I was at this delicious, but overpriced restaurant in Newport Beach and in they walked. Lauri was wearing an obnoxiously bright pink satin shirt, jeans, etc. and kept her sunglasses on the entire time inside the restaurant. George was with her and looked like a perfectly normal (normal according to OC standards) 40-ish OC guy. Not nearly as puffy as he seemed on TV and didn't put on the airs Lauri did. It was weird to see that their natural habitat is also mine. They can go back to Coto.