Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Mean Girls Show, starring Ramoner

If you are lucky enough to be at home, a Real Housewives of NYC marathon is going on right now, and it will culminate in the RHNYC Lost Footage episode later tonight. Stick around for Work Out, if you are so inclined.*

I leave you with a question from Ramoner's blog and my response:
At times I feel like I am on "The Mean Girls Show". Its [sic] like they all decided to target and pick on me. How bad can I really be if I raised such a special daughter and have a wonderful husband of sixteen years?
Ramoner, I know that you probably intended the question "how bad can I really be?" to be rhetorical, but how about those 1041 people who answered? Wow. Most everyone was in agreement that you needed a mild tranquilizer and extra-intensive therapy sessions. Hmmm. I think they may have a point.

Also, using the word "special" to describe a person is so generic and meaningless, not to mention LAME. I have nothing to back that up, it's just how it is. Avery deserves better. Speaking of Avery and her "specialness," the verdict isn't in just yet. While she seems to be okay, Avery has plenty of time to turn insane and I'm sure that exploiting her on this show will speed up the process. As for why Mario is sticking around--well, 1) it's because of Avery and 2) in the words of the sage Mamacita, "he's fucking everything that moves." Hope that answers your question.

Can't wait to see you serve up some more crazy tonight!

* The RHNYC Lost Footage episode will be covered on this blog, and Work Out will not (unless something really crazy goes down) because it is an inferior show. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jackie Warner.


Jennifer said...

SGM is boycotting Jackie Warner just like Gatorade! Hooray!

Please tell me you are going to cover that Lohan mess on E!

hello gorgeous said...

Ha! I am totally tuning in to RHNYC LOST footage. I'm so excited (how pitiful is my life?). Okay, that was supposed to be rhetorical until I remembered that I actually plotted to be near a television to watch the Denise Richards show last night. Gulp. There. I said it. This is why even though I have a screen name, I am still anonymous...

BTW, mamacita kicks ass.

Brivera said...

So, SGM, it is my first comment, and I have to say I ADORE YOU.

Your sarcasm fully surpasses my own, and you make me laugh. (I especially love that random Ghetto Gumby video)

You have most definitely refueled my obsession with the Real Housewives, and now I call Ramona Ramoner. And I mock her screechy voice yelling, "Mario!!!!".

LOVED the Simon/Gay question, and the face he made when asked. Because that doesn't give it away, you flamboyant thing, you.

Brivera said...

Oh, and I heard Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were married? I briefly glimpsed a cover of a mag in the supermarket. Not really all that important, but interesting enough.