Friday, October 24, 2008


Outfit from a bondage store
a sweaty slip 'n' slide

Pinky ring and lace up pants
High society stamps 'DENIED'


Amanda said...

I can only hope it is their Halloween get-up.

Design Junkie said...

how long do you think it will be before their sex tape is "leaked?"

Anonymous said...

Pinky ring and lace up pants = GAY

Brittany said...

Is it bad that I miss them? And her awful teeth/hair/face/personality?

And his flaming-ness?

Because I do.

And Bethenny. I miss her. When does the new season air?

Kelly Rella said...

Not to mention the matching pocket square, which doesn't go with gay, S&M or anything sweaty.

Wasn't someone on Project runway recently mocked for using one of those?

Anonymous said...

What the F&?! was he thinking?

He is so gay!

SGM said...

I know! The pocket square!

This was not for Halloween, even though he looks like a cheap version of Satan.

(I kind of miss them too)

Jessie said...


I screamed when I saw this photo.

These outfits are FAR scarier than any Halloween costume I've EVAH. SEEN.

rachie! said...


Jennifer said...

That's just...ew.

P.S. Please tell me you're watching Dr. Drew's Celeb. rehab--it's the best show ever.

Decorno said...


SGM said...

Jennifer, I'm not watching it but only because VH1 has taken a backseat to Bravo these days (except for Mystery, and I only watch him b/c it's repeated so much). I will find out when it is and make an effort to because I really loved it last season. Mary Carey! In the ballerina outfit! Still gets me.