Thursday, October 2, 2008

J'Adler et al

Jonathan Adler's Top Design Word of the Week:

Insouciance. Usage: "Nathan's table setting was riddled with panache and insouciance." (I had to look it up! I love when I have to look it up.)

Items pronounced j'adorable by Jonathan Adler:

Nothing from this week, but previous items include

-Dog bed in the first episode ("because every gay has a dog")

-The marital bed of Nathan and Wisit in the bunker episode. Lord, how I love the Nathan and Wisit fake relationship!

Now let's talk about this for a minute

A crimped beehive! Delightful. Reminded me of this:

Don't you think that's totally what she was going for? The Iona Prom Look? If the camera pans down, she has on furry slippers. For sure. How much time does this woman spend in hair and make-up? Do you think after taping she goes to happy hour looking like that? I truly did love her other costume last night--the hat and the huge black belted shirt:

The only thought in my head during that scene was "she is so pretty!" She is.

What about Nathan, when he said "I diarreahed in my mouth" because Teresa told him that her zen design was similar to his? I like Nathan. I think Eddie wants him dead.

I am also feeling strong emotion for the ultra feminine Wisit.

He's happy, he's chill, and he was totally robbed in the garden portion of the triathalon last night. I don't know what it is about him, I just want to cuddle him. Did you hear Nathan call Wisit "pumpkin" a few episodes back? Their fake marriage is so tender, I could cry.


I *Heart* You said...

that beehive is redic!!!! OMG!!! Not gonna lie, I love that she is feverishly persistent with the crimper but the Iona look does not flatter her. She looks old. Poor KW.

Paul Pincus said...

i love everything about kelly wearstler! she's gorgeous.

great post.

Leah said...

I love it when Kelly brings the crazy.

hello gorgeous said...

I do love the Wearstler but that crimped hairdo reminded me of Bride of Frankenstein.

Natalie said...

I only caught a couple of brief glimpses last night and will have to catch a replay. I thought that Eddie should've won the table setting challenge. Much like the flower arranging I think they didn't give it to him because he could accomplish that perfection with both hands tied behind his back, lol. Looking forward to watching the full episode even more now!

Jennifer said...

I'm loving the phrase "I diarrheaed in my mouth" but I'm not loving "J'adorable."

SGM said...

Bride of Frankenstein! YES!

I have to agree about j'adorable. I rolled my eyes the first two episodes when he said it, and then when he didn't say it in the next episodes, I was strangely disappointed.

J'adorable aside, Adler has a KILLER vocab.

Jennifer said...

Kelly is totally whackadoodle, and bless her heart for that!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that she's all fashiony/ wacky now, 'cuz we know she used to be all porny/ tacky back when she appeared in Playboy! Nothing like landing a rich hubby to make a girl run away as fast as she can from her slutty get-ups...

jen said...

OMG. I haven't watched this show yet (the tv goes off after Project Runway) but after this post, I have to!! That was my favorite scene (and my favorite character) from Pretty in Pink and I love ANYONE who goes for it like that!

Richie Designs said...

Oh Kelly...It would have been so spot on just 3" smaller of a hairdo. She's going for the Audrey thing. Check her eyebrows - they enlarged them a bit for a bolder look though from that angle it looks like they're a bit uneven.

I like the effort but not the finished look. She has a chic look in general, she shouldn't try to be so "fashion forward" it ruins it by making her look crazy. It's just always "this side" of right.

I do applaud the effort of the crimping iron and trying to bring that back. That takes some serious balls.

Megan said...

Mr. Adler got married to that awesome Simon Doonan about a week ago here in San Francisco. That is one wedding I would have killed to go to. have you read any of Doonan's autobiographical books? Highly hilarious, and full of delightful words themselves.

The Lil Bee said...

Thanks for this. I came home to find that Paul had failed to delete some of the 5,000 repeats of ESPN's Outside the Lines, and so my really important episodes of Rachel Zoe and Project Runway and Design Project and GRAY'S ANATOMY were all erased!! Awesome.

Also, Kelly's arms are so skinny I want to wretch. Not fair.

humble happenings said...

turn to page 136 of the September issue of Lucky... another dose of "insouciance"! this time when describing dolce and gabbana's fall line. loves it.

Anonymous said...

I love you!!! you crack me up! please email me so we can chat! preppy gat with tude
Eddie Ross

Anonymous said...

oop's I ment preppy gay!