Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"What is this 'bananas'?"

Rachel talks to the LA Times about her catch phrases, being a "pox on humanity," and whether she wants to come back for another season. Read it here.

See you tonight after the finale!


Anonymous said...


Why is her mouth always open? Is it a plastic surgery thing? A stuffy-nose thing? Bad orthodontia? No orthodontia?

In her case it unfortunately emphasizes the weak chin.

muranogirl said...

As Rachel says, "It’s a bit of glamour and a bit of an escape." Can't we all use a dose of that sometimes??
Why can't the press just lay off?

Some stars don't have a clue or the time to dress themselves for an event. Designers have pr people but not necessarily the relationships to get their clothes on the backs of celebrities. Rachel is the conduit and everybody's happy. As they say in Italy: one had washes the other and both hands wash the face.

the glamourai said...

woah, woah, woah. hold on...S! G! M!

did you just say FINALE?!??!!!!!!

its only the fifth episode!!!!! i still haven't seen the fourth! it cannot be the enddddddd!!!!!!!!! noooooo~!

The Lil Bee said...

Ugh this damn Blogger is erasing my comments! We need to talk about Taylor! OUT of CONTROL.

Also need to discuss Jen Garner's upper lip. Did you notice the Elvis curl she was rocking on the red carpet?

Jennifer said...

Oh I loved the finale! There were several moments when I was all, "Oh SGM is going to have a field day with *this*!" Have at it, my friend!

Richie Designs said...

Oh, I can't wait for your recap on this one. I have some very VERY STRONG OPINIONS on Brad [whom I love] forgetting "the kit"

Those kits should have been packed the night before. one for each client. Labeled and in tote bags. I thought I was going to kill him myself watching that go down. They need me and my organizational skills! How do we make that happen.

maybe it's because I work in the industry, and know the drill but forgetting a whole kit is like forgetting to put your pants on. If he forgot to pack say "shoe inserts" or something in the kit I could see how that would happen.

omg. it makes me insane just thinking about it.

ok, Bravo. We know you read this blog. book her for another season...we love her.

Abby Haymore said...

Can "You bought me Dylan McKay's car!?" be the title of your recap of the finale. loved it and totally thought of you immediately.
and Tay and her jewish guilt. once it gets a hold of you, it never lets go. eeeek!