Sunday, October 12, 2008

Podcast Monday Night!

Join Decorno, Elaine and me for our Monday podcast at 8 PM (PST)/11PM (EST). Personally, I'd like to talk about my deep fear that Kenley is going to win Project Runway. Did you see her Bryant Park collection? (it hasn't aired yet, so if you don't want to see it, don't click.) Call in to chat, won't you?

photo from Cake Wrecks
(speaking of wrecks, my Real Housewives of Atlanta post is imminent)


Leah said...

NO!!!! Kenley must not win.

I think Leanne has it in the bag.

elain said...

I hate Kenley. And I hate the show for keeping her on just because she is a bitch. She so should have lost the hip hop challenge. Puleasssse!

SGM said...

But did you see Leanne's color palette? It makes me think of ... sherbet.

She for sure should have lost the hip hop challenge.

Anonymous said...

Please rip RHOA to shreds in your post. I can NOT take on another show! said...

What I REALLY want to know, is how come all the other contestants introduced Tim to their friends and family and Kenley didnt???

Brittany said...

Rachel, I totally noticed that, too. It's probably because she's a crazy super bitch to everyone else in her life.

I'm sorry....I can NOT take Kenley. I want to slap her...with her sassing Tim. No one messes with Tim Gunn.