Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's ON, Kim!

I knew that there was a recent video of Andy Cohen interviewing the cast of RHOA , but I had never watched it until now.

OH SHIT. It's good.

First, Kim reveals that Big Papa is not black.

Second, blogs are discussed. Kim says she doesn't read blogs anymore because they upset her so much. She also says "these bloggers, they have nothing else to do but sit on their fat asses and write stuff."

Kim, you WISH you knew what my ass looks like. Mmmm, jelly jelly jelly!

NeNe, by the way, is basking in our love.

Kim also attempts to justify her frenzied spending of Big Papa's money, and there's a funny "¿donde esta DeShawn?" moment. You should watch it.

Oh, and Andy Cohen? You're in my chair.

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Brilliant Asylum said...

Nice. Sheree seriously has a stick up her butt.

Anonymous said...

When Sheree says, at the beginning of every show, "People are jealous of my success," I always want to scream "Your success at WHAT? What have you ever DONE?"

The Lil Bee said...

Who IS Big Papa already?! SGM, get on that shit...you would ROCK it. You could be the one to out Big Paaah-paaah!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! So, maybe Big Poppa IS Lee Najjar after all! I know there's been a lot of talk all over the web about it being him... when in this interview Kim says, "And he's *not* black.." did you notice how NeNe didn't waste any time in saying, "Well, what color is he girl?" pause...(the other 3 look at her shocked)... "He's red!" and then Lisa says, "He's yellow!" which Kim tries to ignore by saying "He's purple... he's purple." hmmmm. Anyone else notice this??? btw - SGM - I can't wait to read your recap of tonight's episode! Riotess! So many amazing moments. I've now come to the point where I watch the show and think to myself, "Oh! I can't wait to read what SGM says about that!" b/c I know it will be insanely laugh out loud funny! :) You're the best!! xoxo, Chloe

muranogirl said...

How can all those girls keep the Big Pappa secret? Isn't that a statistic impossibility?

Anonymous said...

Big Papa = Stephen Hawking.

youcantbewearingthatshit said...

Out of all the Real Housewives shows, these ladies are my favorite bitches. And you KNOW they're lying when they say they don't read the blogs. You know after a few glasses of wine or champagne, which they all seem to enjoy, that they're googling their names. I bet SGM gets a lot of stats from the Atlanta area. I still want to know what the deal is with Kim's hair. I have to know!!!!

Old House Junkie said...

I am AMAZED at how clueless these women are about how they are coming across on tv! Thank you for sharing this. This show is like a train wreck, I just can't look away. I think I'm gonna break down and get cable just so I can watch every episode and not try to catch bits and pieces online.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Don't you think the RHOA seem a bit too cozy? Where's the bad blood and "KAT" fight between Team NeNe & Team Kitty Kat Kim/Sure-Ay?
Did they kiss & make up? Or was it all scripted?

megan said...

Long time stalker, first time commenter. I ran across this in the Washington Post Celeb chat:


Sorry, I'm not sure how to make it a link.

Please investigate on our behalf! Inquiring minds want to know!

Oh, and I live for your recaps. They are priceless.

SGM said...

Kat fight, ha!

Cannot WAIT for the reunion show. Wonder whether this interview was shot before or after? Sounds like before. Hope so.

Megan, excellent find! SO MUCH juicy info. I'll do some digging.

SGM said...

Check out youcantbewearingthatshit's link--a vlog on RHOA!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Lisa, on those rare occasions when she realizes she has nothing to do for an entire afternoon, becomes so unnerved that she breaks into tears and starts sobbing "I can't believe I did so much crack I left my babies in a laundramat!!!"