Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's just say it's not "Bravo-ready"

Remember when I told you that NeNe and her gay boyfriend Dwight Eubanks should have their own reality show? A little birdie told me that Dwight is already on that track--he's shopping a show about his hair salon. Please watch the clip:

Okay. Dwight, may I offer some constructive criticism? This video needs to be scrapped. All of it. Well, except for the footage of you dancing suggestively/pantomiming sex in the middle of the salon. Let me do you a favor and tell you--before you spend any more money--that you need to change direction. Why? First, we don't need any more petty hairstylist bitchery our lives. Not only is it uninteresting, but it's bad for business to ridicule clients behind their backs on national tv. Second, I have a hard time believing that The Purple Door is "Atlanta's premier salon" when you show women dressed like cheap hookers walking through your door (nice try with the BMW on the curb, though). The only time I might be interested in seeing The Purple Door on tv is on Tabitha's Salon Takeover -- I think it would be an excellent candidate (hint, hint, Bravo).

Bottom line: the focus needs to be on you and your girlfriends. Your personal life. That's where the potential is.

A word about the photo above--you look much better with short hair. Get that Terrence Trent D'Arby inspired photo off of your website. If you want to be taken seriously, you must update. I'm only telling you what Tabitha would, sister.

Please email me for further consultation. I have many ideas and would be delighted to help.

Very Truly Yours,


Amanda said...

Bahahahah Terrence Trent Darby. Peeing my pants!

EmElle said...

Yeah, the Terrence Trent Darby comment put me over the edge, too. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, who cares about the salon foolishness --ugghh. The focus should definitely be on his personal life and NeNe should be the co-star.

November said...

Hey hey, you gotta get your facts straight! Dwight DOES have a show being shopped at the networks, but it is NOT "Behind The Purple Door." This was a low budget mash up done by one of Dwight's clients and was never in consideration at ANY network. Keep your eyes peeled for Dwight's NEW show...and if you're missing more Dwight in the meantime, check out the new YouTube clip posted Friday!

SGM said...

Now that video is more of what I'd like to see from Dwight (edited down of course).

He is magnificent.

Please give more info about Dwight's new show.

Anonymous said...

It's static though. Just three people talking, not moving. Viewers are going to drift away.

I liked the movement and the structure you get from the beauty salon setting.

(Dwight gives odd advice. First he's all "It's a new world, there's no more gay or straight," and then he's advising a woman to become a golddigger.)

Michelle said...

Oh. My. God.

This is truely a magnificant piece of work.

Thank you SGM...thank you.