Friday, March 21, 2008

Making Amends

*EDITED* I just re-read this post and I think the whole Cost Plus experience altered my brain chemistry. I hadn't even been making fun of my neighbor in yesterday's post; it was more that I was making fun of Lucky that its outfit of the day was something that a conservative Mormon would wear while gardening.

I'll leave my amends out there because I don't think it's good karma to rescind it. But I'm crazy, y'all. This no-buying stuff is really messing with my mind.

I'd like to make amends to my neighbor mentioned in the previous post. She really is very nice--even to a heathen such as me-- and her tending to her perennials benefits me indirectly by beautifying our neighborhood. She does, in fact, have a sad face and I don't know whether it's some sort of natural expression or whether it's because she seems unhappy in her marriage to a sour man who is so tiny and meek that I could bench press him, like 15 times in a row. Oops. Sorry again.*

I hate to make excuses, but my spending hiatus is causing me to be a little more irritable than usual. I mean, have you ever gone to Cost Plus World Market and not bought anything totally unnecessary? It hurts, people. Aches. Deep down inside.

As Dr. Drew, addiction expert, might say: if you don't want to slip, stay away from slippery places. Amen to that.

Have a great weekend.

*This apology does not extend to Lucky. The day I make amends to Lucky is the day I start a passionate lesbian love affair with Alex from Real Housewives of NYC (i.e. never).


muranogirl said...

Bless you! That took willpower galore to not buy candy, kitchen towels, birdcages, backscratchers, throw pillows and other unnecessary crap.
That insane place CREATES needs,wants and excuses to party. My daughter saw all the gingerbread house kits in November and all of sudden we are throwing a decorating party for 8 kids and managed to spend the GNP of Macedonia in half an hour. We are banned from there.

Sucker For Marketing said...

SGM, I am not sure what has gotten into you with the it those horrible women over at RHNY making you examine yourself and your life, or is it just that irritibility? For god sakes, girl, go out and blow a giant wad of money! Happy Easter!

zakary said...

Girl, don't apologize! (Unless your neighbor reads your blog...whoops!)

I LOVE World Market. I got my dining room chairs from there...well, I got 3 of them there. The only 3 they had. I made my husband drive 150 miles to get the other three at a different store. Love that place!

Your Mormon Neighbor said...

Bitch, you are goin' DOWN.

JJ said...

I think your neib is sad because she doesn't read SGM.

Testify! This not spending thing is making me loco too. And I keep finding justifications for things I want. I haven't slipped yet though. Nothing not necessary has been purchased for one whole WEEK. Only eleven weeks (including a Decorno trip to Napa) to go.