Monday, March 24, 2008

What if Pam Anderson traded places with Phyllis from The Office?

Richele over at Richie Designs sent me a link to a post entitled "If Celebs Moved to Oklahoma" and I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down my face. It combines two of my favorite subjects, celebrities and regular-people/office worker fashion.

Here are some choice selections for your pleasure. I wish I could think of some hilarious captions to go with these, but the pictures just speak for themselves.

They all look strangely at home in their new bodies, don't they? I think Pam is my favorite. The hair, the mottled skin, the fat roll, it's all so perfect. Can't you just see her picking cat hair off of her shirt while complaining about overtime to her co-worker Tami? If you want to see the rest of photos, click here.

Thank you to the person who created these magical visions, and a super-huge thank you to Richele for sending it my way. Brilliant!

EDIT: Anon kindly pointed out in the comments that these photos are originally from Planet Hiltron. God, why haven't I discovered the website before?! My apologies to the Hiltronites; here is your credit!


Anonymous said...

This blog stole the work of

Elaine said...

Oh whatever anon. Get a life. Grow up. SGM is as original as they come. She explained exactly how she found these images.

SGM, don't let the haters get you down. Richie and I love you madly...that's all that counts.

Semitic smooches


Paloma said...

I've seen these before. Aren't they hilarious! I totally agree that they seem like they could be real, like they really suit each person.

Anonymous said...

SGM is totally original.

It's the blog "If Celebs Moved to Oklahoma" that is not. THAT blog stole the photographs from the talented

and posted the work as its own.

I am Trish Marie said...

Oh Holy! That cracks me up.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Ashlee Simpson as a rodeo queen, perfect! Seems kinda fitting because she is kind of poser.

elaine said...

Uh, woops. I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. I started a diet today and am really bitchy and overreactive. Please accept my apology anon.


elaine said...

Uh, woops. I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. I started a diet today and am really bitchy and overreactive. Please accept my apology anon.


Anonymous said...

No probs. Elaine. I should have worded my original post more clearly.

alis said...

omg this is hilarious. makes me think, if celebs can look like that with double chins, maybe oklahomans really have potential to look rockin' good.

SGM said...

Anon, thanks for letting me know who deserved the real credit.
Elaine, thank you for having my back, sister!
Alis, brilliant point. Makeovers for everyone!

girl meets glamour said...

OMG this is too funny!!!


karey m. said...

it took me a minute...but it was the olsen twins that elicited the loudest snort of laughter.

this is why i miss the states.

{and elaine? i LOVED how you got your hackles all up for sgm!}

Jennifer Ramos said...

hahaha this is ONE OF THE FUNNIEST posts ive ever seen, very cool!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Cote de Texas said...

one Halloween my gf bought this hideous Reba Macintyer (sp?) long, red, frizzy cowboy wig (gf has short, adorable blond straight hair) - we laughed so hard we peed our pants - seriously, it was amazing how ugly she looked with that wig on! Hair really makes or breaks you. That's why I say I have a "bad hair life." My frizz ball has ruined my life. Try going through life having people call you Zulu, or worse, Roseanne Roseannadanna. Truth. Anyway - your pictures are hysterical. And, btw, I love your NY Wives recaps - they are the best! Must reads.

JJ said...

OH MY GOD, SGM, It's like you are speaking directly to my heart. I love these. (I don't care where they came from or whose photoshop gets the credit. I love YOU for introducing me to them.)