Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two posts in a row that do not mention reality tv

It must be some sort of record for me. Anyhow.

How much would you pay for this house?

Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 2800 square feet.

I happen to know that it's located on a road paved with red brick and sits among other beautiful old houses with mature yards. If you cut through the back yard and cross a two lane street, you would be on a golf course with lots of beautiful old trees. Right now, this neighborhood has a wonderful scent--fresh and springy and green.

The house could use a little updating, but not much.

And you could live just up the street from my mama and about a mile from the awesome Sucker for Marketing.

This house, in a comparable neighborhood in Denver, would cost at least $2 mill--but this house, located in my small-ish midwestern hometown is $319,000. Holy Jeebus. Doesn't it kind of make you want to pack up and move in and slow down? Me too. Dude, I've already mentally repainted that hallway and some of that paneling as well as bought some new furniture for that living room.

But no one tell my mama that.*

P.S. Don't forget Real Housewives of NYC tonight (couldn't resist).

*Because I'm staying put. I am a small town girl, but I love all that the big city has to offer--sports, shopping, drugs, culture, hookers, etc. Can't leave all that behind.


CashmereLibrarian said...

Yes, this is the thing. Hmmm. Crappy apartment in LA (alright it was not crappy and it was in Santa Monica, but it was small and not mine) or cute affordable house in pretty Midwestern neighborhood. Well, I made my choice (my LA rent was $500 more a month than my mortgage here). And we have hookers here: They probably cost less too (I'm just GUESSING).

Things That Inspire said...

Location, location, location! Just think what a 2800 sf place would cost in Hong Kong...$80 million dollars?

I am a bit ashamed that i am really looking forward to the Real Housewives tonight. I watched the first episode on TiVo last night, and was appalled but strangely fascinated.

muranogirl said...

Mighty tempting SGM !!!
A 1,600 sf ,two bedroom, 1.5 bath flat/condo in my neck of the woods just sold for $1,000,500. But, we choose to stay here and send our kid to private school, see the GG Bridge every day and worry how the hell we're going to afford to send her to college.

Habitually Chic said...

Who cares about the house! ;-)

I can't wait to hear your wrap up of the Real Housewives of NYC. I seriously can't believe I am watching it right now! I think I may have just lost 10 IQ points!

SGM said...

Cashmere--but in a small town, everyone knows you're going to hookers! At least in the big city I can keep it anon. :)
TTI and HC, I LOVE that I have brought you down to my level!
Murano girl, you live in a beautiful place with so much going on--can't put a price on that. It's definitely a trade-off.

zakary said...

Dammit! I missed the Real Nousewives because my husband wanted On The Border! Arrggh!
I like that house so much. 319,000 is a steal. I'm sure they have hookers in that neck of the woods...

Suzy said...

What a bargain!

Sucker For Marketing said...

From the girl that lives a mile away...there are totally hookers here, and as a matter of fact, the biggest spoust swapping scandal of the 1990's happened a mere 4 houses down from this beauty. This place is full of headlines, but none as good as SGM's posts!

ambika said...

That house would easily cost as much in certain neighborhoods in Seattle. My mom recently moved to Walla Walla because of the ridiculous prices here--and after visiting, I'm awfully tempted.