Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Elwoods: Do we even know them at all?

A few resourceful readers of this blog rushed out to add Chris Elwood as their friend on Facebook after last week's episode of Flipping Out. Like expertly trained ninjas, they sneaked in, checked out his profile, nabbed some photos and sent them to me. I could not be more pleased (especially since I tried to add him myself but couldn't find him). I'm not going to reveal the name of the secret agent who sent me this photo because we need her to remain undercover, but check out this out:

An ass-crack picture! Nice. Looks like Quinn's cleavage, except pastier. And perhaps hairier; it's hard to tell. Pretty much what we would expect from him.

Also, he's listed as "single." Chris, after everything you put Jenni through, don't you think you could have a little respect and leave it blank? Everyone knows that your penis is open for business again. No need to advertise it.

Enough about Chris. He's about as complicated as Paris Hilton, and I think we really did get an accurate picture of him from the show.

What about Jenni? We love Jenni, but we know her as Jeff Lewis' smart, sassy and ultra-professional assistant. Did you know that she is also an aspiring um, how do you say . . . comedic rapper? Pop culture maven Paige at I Heart You recently found this little gem in her inbox and generously forwarded it on to me (skip to 1:28 for the goods):

So, yeah. I feel like I don't even know her. Do you think Jeff inspired the line about a spiritual healer? Incidentally, Bob Saget creeps me out in any setting (particularly here), so I while I could appreciate the humor in the lyrics, this video made my tummy hurt. In a bad way. To read more about Jenni's rap career, go here.



Anonymous said...

omg. That's Jenni...that's ridiculous. I don't believe it! lol.

Anonymous said...

I believe reference was made to Jenni's comedic rapping in season one of Flipping out.

Megan said...

Once again, you bring the goods. I laughed my heart out, and let me tell you it hurt, as I am struck with some serious mouth pain at the moment.

dee said...

This is some expert detective work that only a true professional could achieve. And ew, you're so right on Bob Saget. He is so creepy. I'm sure his sex tape will be out in no time. And Chris Elwood is such a pig for changing his status to single. Actually, WAIT. Maybe you can send a sleuth friend on a faux-date with him!?!?! Oh yes...this would be fanTASTic!

Jessie said...

No. Way.

I can't believe that's her!!! What the heck? Who knew.

Doodle Whore said...

I'd like to think this was a Halloween costume of sorts. Maybe they were going as 1980's Mormons. And is it wrong that I still think Elwood is kinda hot even though he's a liar and dumped the loverly Jenni? I'm bad.

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