Thursday, April 10, 2008

A lengthy, yet ultimately meaningless, explanation

Photo of Alex and Simon from They must be so thrilled!

In Touch Magazine will apparently be publishing nude photos of our favorite wannabe Alex McCord. Here's how she explains the situation in her blog:

Finally, it looks as of the time I’m writing this blog that there will be a story running in In Touch Weekly this week about photos I shot a few years ago. I’d wound up back into modeling a little bit - on the maternity end mostly - both during and in between pregnancies. It’s a time of huge change for any woman, and I wondered what my body would look like after the first, and then the second child. After both pregnancies I was very happy (and surprised) to get my shape back almost immediately.

Having been back in the modeling world at the time, shooting photos is a very normal thing to do, and I wanted to celebrate getting back into shape and also document the changes in my body. I wanted to make sure I had photos of the slightly loose belly, the linea nigra, the lush hair and of course the extra up on top. I did several photo shoots with photographers I knew through modeling, and am pleased with all of them. I particularly like the photos done with Jim DeMaria, a great photographer who is also a dad. We’d done several fashion shoots together, he understood this idea and ran with it to create a great set of photos.

While I never thought they’d be published anywhere, I was made aware that this was happening last Friday when In Touch called me to say they had them. They asked me for a comment and I said more or less what I’m saying here. You can see them in the magazine this week, and Jim has a few on his website as well. Celebrate the power of womanhood!

God, loose bellies are SO BEAUTIFUL! I know every new mother feels that way and I totally regret not having pictures of mine. Wait! I still have my loose belly. Gotta get that photographed before it disappears. When Alex states that she wanted to make sure she had shots of her "lush hair and of course the extra up on top," am I the only one that had to read that twice? My first reaction was, wow, I didn't know pregnancy gave you lush pubic hair.

Anyhow, in this salute to womanhood, she failed to mention the OTHER nude pictures, the one where she was trying out for Playboy. Gawker busts her, in a very satisfying manner, right here.


mamacita said...

Isn't that such an Alex-like thing to say?!

And dear Lord, what made her think she could be in Playboy? I can't think of many people I'd like less to see naked.

decorno said...

WOW. Here's a klassy one for ya:

She's just, uh, documenting her changing body... yep.

Anonymous said...

From ALL angles apparently...

Anonymous said...

I think I just burned my corneas looking at the link Decorno posted.

Sucker For Marketing said...

I can't even finish my dessert after seeing that decorno link. I am feeling sick to my stomach.

You know, her teeth are just so bad. Can't she at least afford some of those invisalign braces, or veneers?

Her body is like a million other women's out there, and there is definitely nothing there in the face or hair area, so I wonder how she was a "model?"

muranogirl said...

at least she waxed

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but with a mouth that ugly you just had to know her vagina would be less-than-beautiful, too.

decorno said...

Seriously... she's just so... average.

I am sorry about the burned corneas (ok, not really). But come on... WHO POSED WITH HER LEGS OPEN AND HER LABIA MAJOR POPPING OUT EITHER SIDE OF HER DIRTY PANTIES?

Clearly the "real" housewife of NYC, that's who.

She makes my drunk, sailor-mouthed rants seem almost saint-like. Is this the bitch who pretends her kids are French? Here's a way to act French - shut your legs.

pretty young things said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's repulsed to the point of puking when this obnoxious and relentless social climber opens her mouth! Someone needs to inform that wacko that a Glamour Shots photo shoot at the local mall does not a model make...

Brilliant Asylum said...

Wow. It's a good thing Johan and François hold passports to three countries.

Jane E. said...

Blech. Now I see why Simon sticks to reading gay porn.

Jessie said...

Oy vay.

Anonymous said...

Decorno--That should be on your gravestone:

"Here's a way to act French - shut your legs."

SGM said...

So you don't think Tinsley Mortimer has any cracked-out Playboy audition photos out there somewhere? I thought everyone did.

muranogirl said...

Tinsley Mortimer, but of course!
LuAnn certainly must have some as well...

j. said...

Barf. God, I love this show. By FAR my favorite scene was the Francois McCord-VanKempen BD party so we could see their abode in all its shiteous glory.

BTW, I am sure I'm the absolute last to the party on this tidbit, but just found out that the current goddess and idol of design, Kelly Wearstler, was a centerfold herself. *giggle*

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Glossy love, I love this post. I have been laughing about it all day.

Christine said...

What is the French for "skanky ho?" Can you get any lower class? Love it--classic!

beachbungalow8 said...

i'm just cringing. and WHY did i compulsively need to click on that?

*L said...

what's francious going to think when he sees his mama's tots archived online at age 15?

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