Thursday, April 3, 2008

a vacation idea and a somewhat unrelated story about my junior prom

My friend Richele over at Richie Design was telling me about her friend David's Palm Springs house that was featured on Apartment Therapy, and she asked if I would write about it in order to get the word out that it's for rent.

It kind of put me in an awkward position. Who's really that into warm weather, mountains, palm trees and luxe digs? I mean, it's snowing in Denver right now, and that's what I love: freezing cold weather in the spring. Why would anyone want to sit out in the warm sunshine by a pool when she could be bundled up enjoying gray skies and bone-chilling wind?

I understand, however, that some of you might be into warmth and beauty and excellent shopping. You're probably the same people who like to take vacations and have fun. Whatever. If you like that sort of thing, email, put "Blogger Discount" in your heading, and he'll give you a special deal as well as set you up with a super-chic place to spend a girls' weekend or any other type of fab [insert British accent] holiday.

To see more of the lovely house pictured above and get some details, visit

[Okay, okay, truth be told, I LOVE Palm Springs. I went there for spring break with my family when I was 16. My mom and I spent much of that time shopping for a dress for my junior prom and because I was awful and teenager-y, I rejected anything that she liked even though she pretty much has excellent taste. I ended up insisting upon a blah strapless dress on the last day and it was altered there in Palm Springs. I'm sure I tried it on when it arrived at my house, but the only thing I remember is putting the dress on about 10 minutes before my date arrived and the following conversation occurred:

SGM: I feel like it's going to fall down!

Mom: It's not going to fall down; it fits perfectly. Here, put your arms straight up in the air and you'll see. It will stay up.

SGM lifts her arms halfway up and the dress slides down to her waist, exposing flat teenager boobs.

Mom: Oh.

Doorbell rings. SGM spends the rest of the night hunched over with her arms clamped to her side. So yeah. It's difficult to slow dance to Richard Marx when you can't move your arms away from your body.]


Sucker For Marketing said...

I'm pretty sure I was at that prom with you, and if I remember right, the dress was black with white polka-dots. The funnier story is that your date wore a white tux...isn't that right? :)

Anonymous said...

Ha. When I got into the stretch white limo (sweet, no?) for my junior prom my ugly ass boyfriend with the blond peach fuzz mustache said in front of everyone "didn't you shave your armpits?" So I spent my prom arms glued to the side of my strapless bubble number hating my date, the night and my genetic hairiness.
And yes, I DID shave my armpits thankyouverymuch.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LOL, I'm jealous you guys (Elaine, Haley and you) get to go to that house...

I will check it out cause I'm so close and I actually go to palm springs a lot, it would be so cool to stay there instead of a hotel!!!

elaine said...


I was such a bratty teen that I made my parents fork over a ridiculous amount of money for a Victor Costa dress. I loved it! So much so that I kept it until I was 30-years-old packing it up in every move. Not that I ever could have worn it to anything or fit into it.

I bet we were in Palm Springs the same year for spring break - I was the teenager with the fake Id making out in the parking lot of that funky hamburger joint.