Monday, April 14, 2008


"Cheers to you for getting my ass fired!"

Sharp-eyed reader Virginia* emailed me with two little juicy tidbits of information concerning The Real Housewives of New York City.

1. The New York Post is reporting that Jason was fired from his Wall Street job at Patriarch Partners, LLC, for his participation in the show. Oh shit! You know his baby mama is not pleased. A lawyer from Patriarch Partners had this to say:
"I'm suggesting that one of the reasons for his absences in the office was because he was filming a tawdry show," said Hillary Richard, a lawyer representing the company. "They found out he was on the show when promos ran. He's on a show and never mentioned it. Any other company would have fired him on the spot. He also was not performing or bringing in new deal flow."
I love the word tawdry! And I love that cover-your-ass statement at the end. So what's Jason doing about getting the ax? He's doing exactly what any red-blooded American would do, he's suing them for $55 MILLION!

Honestly, if I were a rich old coot (I'm picturing Bunny MacDougal), I wouldn't want to see my money manager on a show like this, but then again I might turn a blind eye if he was making me a lot of money. What do you think? Read the whole article here (you'll also get a little extra scoop on Avery).

2. No shocker here--according to Conde Nast's, Bethenny agreed to be on the show in the first place because it was free advertising. The interesting part is that the cast members who did not already have a "brand" are required to turn over to producers a percentage of what they earn as a result of being on the show. For example, if Alex comes out with a line of Cavalli-inspired t-shirts that say "ask me about my tawdry nude photos on the internet," then she would be obligated to give Bravo part of her proceeds. Oooh, I would like to take a peek at the contract that the cast signs.

Remember that the finale of RHNYC is tomorrow. Previews show that Ramona is stirring up more trouble and that Francois is tested to confirm that he is the most gifted child in the history of the world. Should be a good one!

*Super-sleuth Virginia does not have a blog, but her better half works at blurb, which is SUCH a cool site. It allows you to make your own hardcover book of anything--recipes, essays, photos, reality tv memorablilia . . . . Check it out.


Jessie said...

LOVE the Bunny McDougal reference!

Can't wait for the finale!

Anonymous said...

I am also dying to know your take on the Rock of Love finale. You will get to use the word, tawdry, again many times...

SGM said...

Anon, as fate would have it, I caught only the last 10 minutes of Rock of Love last night. Ambre! No way! Am I the only one who finds her completely un-sexy? It made me think that I should have tried out for the show. Jesus. But the other girls would have found out about my husband and kids and the hair-pulling would begin.

So anyway, I just wanted to pull out a hanky and wipe her face during the final elimination. She was just a wet, make-up-y mess.

Now that I've talked all this shit about her, I do think she was the most stable and likable. Can't wait to see the reunion to see if they're still together! (by the way, did you hear the last words uttered by Bret last night: "now let's go have some hot monkey sex?" Lordy be! Did I miss anything during the first hour and 20 minutes?

Anonymous said...

YES- the most vomitous (is that a word?) moment of the whole show- Ambre was trying to vamp up her sex appeal (b/c Daisy was giving her a hard time about not being sexy) and tells Bret during dinner (pre entree) that she isn't wearing any underwear and Bret (hands shaking) asks to see and she spreads it for him TWO TIMES!!! (and then they leave and go to his room) Eek! She will always be the girl that flashed her privates to Bret Michaels on national tv... whole new level... shame, shame.

SGM said...

omg...that makes me want to barf.