Friday, April 11, 2008

Note to Ashton Kutcher: STOP IT

I was never a fan of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd. It makes me squirm to see other people squirm, even if those people are celebutards. But I understood the concept--members of young Hollywood playing extravagant jokes on one other, ha ha, I get it.

Have you seen Ashton's new show on E! ? Man, that's awkward to punctuate, but I'm talking about Pop Fiction. It is described as "a prank show targeting paparazzi and gullible media outlets." Right. "Gullible media outlets" is code for you and me and Michael Kors and anyone else who has ever enjoyed an occasional Us Weekly.

The pranks on the show vary, but there is always a scene showing the celebrity help plot the ruse, and talking about how funny it's going to be and how stupid the paparazzi is. I'm not going to defend the paparazzi because they do seem to be a bunch of lowlifes, but they are in the that field because it's profitable. They sell their photos for big bucks because we (I) want to see them.

Remember Paris and the shaman? Yeah I fell for it. Very funny. I can't stop laughing. Too bad that after that, everyone caught on to the lame jokes, such as Audrina from The Hills getting a ridiculous tattoo, Mario Lopez giving Eva Longoria a super-expensive Cartier necklace, and now apparently Kathy Griffin hanging out with Britney's Adnan. I'M OVER IT, Ashton. Stop fucking with my news! While you and your pals are having a great time, you're not fooling anyone and my people and I are having to weed out all this crap. I just want my straight celeb gossip; is that too much to ask?

While I'm at it: to all of the celebrities who participate in this show and whine about being swarmed by photographers, BOO HOO. If you are that upset by all of it, then take your money, move to Nebraska and practice your "craft" in community theater. OR, here's a concept: be discreet. You can't strut down Robertson Blvd and then complain about the attention you attract (Lindsay Lohan, I'm talking to you, young lady!). If you don't like either of these choices, then stop complaining because you clearly relish it on some level, just like Spencer and Heidi.

I'm serious, Ashton. I know your wife is racking up the bills at her plastic surgeon's office, but there are better ways to make money. Actually--do you have a camera? Because you could make some crazy money selling pictures of her bleaching her mustache and clipping her toenails. Think about it.


Frantic Home Cook said...

The same celebrities who complain about the paparazzi were begging for their attention at the start of their careers. The complaining celebrities gain from the exposure. Like or loathe them, it's a symbiotic relationship.

Jennifer said...

Regarding everything you just said: WORD.

Also? Adan looks like the douche that he is.

And? Kathy Griffin looks fabulous. Glad she's getting her money's worth from all those nips and tucks. And I love that she's dating that rich, ugly fucker from Apple. LOVE it.

Jennifer said...

Sorry, that would be Adnan. How can you expect me to spell the name of a hanger-on-er correctly? Especially after several glasses of wine. Or whine, as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin just needs to get the hair situated. It always looks like these planks flanking her head.

(SGM: Diggin' the image of Demi and her mustache. Now I'm picturing her waking up with jaw stubble, and Ashton running from the room, screaming like a little girl...)

I am Trish Marie said...

Ashton gets on my nerves. Do you ever wonder if he wakes up, rolls over, sees Demi with her make up off, and thinks, "Ewwww what was I thinking?"

Anonymous said...

Demi is the grandmother of all cougars.

katiedid said...

I just have to come by once every coupla days to see what you are up to. You put a guffaw in my day. Don't stop.:)